A lot of events centered around SATYAM(TRUTH).

There were many lies about this SATYAM kept in shelves for years came out revealing itself.
Now what we have is the real SATYAM

The investors could not bare its nakedness though the people were enjoying the play.

How did it get the U certificate from the Auditors.

Many stark questions are being raised about our IT companies and their corporate governance.

Comparisons are made between Raju and Harshad Mehta in the media.

The SATYAM shares are selling like hot cakes. Many feel that though SATYAM is now outdated but expect it to come back into fashion soon.

Whatever the TRUTH reveals and let it prevail….

One thought on “SATYAM – A LIE

  1. The Government of India has decided (or is deciding) to give 2000 crores to bail out Satyam which most of us would appreciate.

    However, farmer suicides in our country since 1997 to 2008 total 1,82,936. Those farmers WERE NEVER BAILED OUT.

    Dr Rudhran examines the correlation from a common mans perspective:


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