Once a highly skilled performer Mr. Raju dreamed becoming big in acting and entered film industry . Due to bad timing he had to exit films and start booming circus industry. Mr. Raju has been performing with his CAT (SATYAM). The circus became famous and secured international audience and other good performers. As the circus grew he could not perform to the ever increasing expectations and tried to take some help from other CAT (MAYTAS) but it did not go well with the audience.
He could not perform anymore and reveals that the CAT is not CAT actually but a TIGER.
The audience(investors) are shocked to hell by this bare lie. “To what show we have come”. Some of the international visitors swore to sue the circus. People outside started enjoying it. The other small performers could not believe it, once they were very proud of working here, the bachelors started worrying about their marriages. Many alliances were broken..
Government started a investigation of how Mr. Raju could show a TIGER as a  CAT. Animal rights activists started nationwide protests against the harassment of the TIGER.
Animal experts questioned how could the circus did not know they were living with the TIGER. They allege that they were kept in dark.
The audience who have been enjoying the show for 20 years started accusing Mr. Raju of cheating, demeaning the circus’ and nation’s honour.
In all this mayhem, the beauty of the TIGER and performer’s skills are forgotten.
PS: Once again this circus will be famous, because people have belief in it and are buying the tickets for its future shows for cheaper price and expect to make profit by selling them in BLACK market.


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