MANGALORE – the increasing assault on Women

Where is the indian Youth heading?

Are they out of there minds? Not rational enough to think what they are doing.

Don’t these moral brigade have any respect for the women, though they are out there in the pubs.

This is blatant violation of  human rights. If they are worried about the women wearing scanty clothes, they should agitate against the shops selling them and companies making them.

If they are troubled seeing women having alcohol, then should work for banning alcohol all over the country!

The growing unrest among the youth is not the moral but economical.
The breaking economies and increasing cost of living is throwing many into despair and forcing them to  take law into their hands.
The problem with them is not that women are wearing flimsy clothes but are able to afford to buy expensive clothes.
The issue is not women having alcohol but they have the money to go to pubs and have a nice time.

The moral these miscreants are trying to preach is “we are not able to go to pubs so lets not allow others”

There is no other way we can stop these youth getting inspired by extremists is making them economically good enough to brush all these aside.

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