Never a Gay experience


I used to use this word when in school. The only meaning I knew of it then was Happy.
When in college I see the other side of the coin (most popular side) “Homosexuals”.

The similarity between their physical experience and inclinations
makes them different and unfortunately its not their choice.

ONE DAY,  I was going in a bus and a elderly man sat beside me.
He started a talk and started to put his hand on my thigh.
I thought he was taking support during sharp turns,
but after some time though the bus was heading straight and
he did not remove the hand and started advancing towards the restricted area.
Sensing foul play I brushed his hand aside.Then he went to the other empty seat…
That day after a discussing with a friend about this event, I enlightened of
the other popular meaning of GAY – and also the presence of men liking men.

I might have studied about homosexuality
but that was the first time  in the bus I saw  Homosexual.

In one of the BUS (started avoiding that bus afterward) the conductor
was gay to have many men and perhaps would have been more gay if it
was a all men bus(unfortunately no special buses for men in Hyderabad).
Once a man invited  a boy in his teens to sit beside him.
After some time the boy gets up as if  he had some unpleasant revelation.
One more guy gets to know the other meaning of gay.

The most unfortunate and serious of all these is the regular news in the
papers and among the acquaintances about the Divorce taken on account
of boy being impotent with women.
The social stigma associated with a man identifying himself as impotent
or homosexual as being a sin, curse  is the main cause for remaining silent
and then a girl’s life and future are ruined.

There are cases where girls came back home recognizing  their foriegn grooms are impotent for women.

But even after all these experiences we still keep silent and just shelve
it as a case of impotency where as the boy may not be impotent
but a homosexual,  this is time we recognised
that this THIRD NATURE (Trithiya Prakriti)” is part of the nature
and we need to acknowledge it.

Lets not just make them as laughing stock and brushing aside as Neuter, eunuchs and impotent.

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