Whats the better time to talk about love than the Valentine’s day.

I had always had so many doubts about the definition and meaning  of love..

Is love  a Euphony for the body’s desire for sex?
Does love increase or decrease with making it?
Is it called love if it is expressed

Wikipedia says
is any of a number of emotions and experiences related to a sense of strong affection and attachment.
the word Love can be used to describe a wealth of feelings

  1. Passionate desire
  2. Romantic intimacy
  3. Non-sexual emotional closeness of family or Platonic love.
  4. Religious devotion.

So love is a combination of different feelings which makes it difficult to comprehend
and does not have a consistent definition.


Any feeling expressed are the response of  what you identify with.

A boy’s expression of love to a girl is the response of he identifying with a male.
A man’s love for family is the stimulus of one identifying with one being a social animal.
A mother’s love ( the purest of all) is .the response of identifying with her offsprings.
Religious Fanaticism is the zeal springing out of you identifying with your faith or religion.
Making love is the response of the body’s desire.
Devotion is the feeling of identifying oneself with God.


We all in one form or the other identify with some divine force  behind our existence
and we have diverse ways of defining  the perceiving  that divine force.

What if God is one of us (What if everyone is God).
If we identify God in our fellow human beings and other life forms then may be we can make Earth a better place to live….


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