Sri Rama Sena in Mangalore

The Mangalore Mayor has filed a case against Mrs. Choudhary for calling the city Talibanised.
This is again an attempt to divert the focus from the pub attack.  If he is so particular about the reputation of the city or its administration, then it has been tainted already by the pub attack and the Govt.’s inaction against the culprits. There are some better things to do for the court than attending these cases.

A word for the so called Moral Brigade.. ” If you really feel today’s youth and teenagers are hijacked by the western culture as Sita by Ravana and if you want to bring back Sita from Ravana then you need to do with love  not by force otherwise you cant stop Sita from developing a liking for Ravana.
Please try to understand that it is people in power who are helping to set up pubs and sell the liquor. You cant stop a child crying for a western chocolate at the stores and can’t stop if they have the money in hand.

Wish this issue settles down..

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