Do we need Reservations?

Gods who have drunk the Amrutham, observe that its affect is decreasing and they are growing old. They decide to churn the Great ocean (Paala Samudram) once again. One fine day, the Group of  Gods(Devataas) start churning the great ocean  for Amrutham again.
In the middle,  Some Group of  Smaller Gods  give up saying that  Bigger Gods will cheat them like they cheated the Raakshasaas the first time. They never listen to the pleas of  other Devataas. So both groups approach Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva says that some amount of Amrutham is reserved for each group. Satisfied, both groups start churning the ocean again. The Smaller Gods do not put that much effort as Amrutham is guaranteed and less people to share with. The Bigger Gods work hard as they are in more numbers. Smaller Gods become lazy and miss some varaas coming out of the great ocean which needs competency and hard work. Finally Amrutham arrives and Smaller Gods are content with it.  The Bigger Gods become more bigger as they get other blessings(Varaas) from the ocean.
Some of the smaller Gods go to Lord Shiva complaining of discrimination by some members of their group. They plead him to further divide the share and let this be applicable to their children also . Lord Shiva agrees to their wishes. Thathaastu!

The Churning again starts and none of  the smaller Gods  work as their share is guaranteed. They indulge themselves in drinking Wine (Madira) and other pleasures. By the time Amrutham comes out, the Smaller Gods are no more in a position to have Amrutham, they are in deep sleep.
The Bigger Gods become more Bigger.

Reservations are useful in short term but in the long term it makes us incompetent. And Nature has no reservations for anyone.
“The Fittest survives”

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