Why is Bihar not developed?

The reason I am writing this  BLOG is because a  friend of mine whom I cannot name used to saying that “Hyderabad was developed by Chandra Babu Naidu(CBN). He is the father of IT in Hyderabad. Without CBN Hyderabad is nothing.”

These statements would really make me a little bit uncomfortable.  CBN has done good things for hyderabad, I dont deny that, but the total credit cannot be given to him.
Then I ask my friend one question “why did Lalu Prasad Yadav did not develop Bihar when he has done so much for the Indian Railways?” (My friend hails from Bihar).

He would just say “that’s different”. And slowly he adds “No body who is educated stays in Bihar and every year the floods destroy everything.”
I say “You are indirectly saying that there is no scope for development in Bihar.”
Then he says ” May be.”
I conclude that “Yes Lalu could develop Railways because there is scope and could not develop Bihar because there is no scope.”
He tries to contradict but only says “it is different.”
Then I continue “In the same way IT has grown in Hyderabad just because there was and is scope and CBN created the required infrastructure in Madhapur”. (lets not discuss about his vested interests)
“Just because L&T has built hitech city, IT has not developed in hyderabad. It is people intensive and the IT companies did not come to Hyderabad just there was  infrastructure. They came because of the availability of the resources (skilled labor) and friendly government is only a stimulant.”

My stubborn friend does not listen but still says “Chandra Babu Naidu  has developed Hyderabad and put it on the world map”.

Thi is what I feel – Bihar is not developed because its educated flock is deserting it  and the same is happening with the whole country. And about the yearly floods, any part of this world is not immune to natural calamities and they can be not be the reason for  Bihar not developing. Its only the people’s attitude which builds or destroys.

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