Not again!

After 4 months of stay(I will say holiday)  in India  I am again sent to America. That too when the recession is spreading its tentacles everywhere. The Big three of  Detroit auto industry are shutting down some of their plants completely and some temporarily for the ghosts. See I am here in Michigan. All Americans feel that we are taking away their jobs (yes thats true in some sense) but that is the game played by managers, administrators, the countries and we are just part of it. Anyways I am not having a great time though the weather is not hostile in this part of the year.

Yesterday I read an article about the oil reserves of America. The writer was lamenting why they are not been explored and why they are sending the dollars into the hands of people who do not share America’s principles. (No one shares America’s principles of forcing globalisation on other countries by threatening, or creating false allegations on Iraq of possessing neuclear weapons. (YOU SHOULD SEE THIS MOVIE – “WAG THE DOG”) No one shares America’s oil principles.

America sits on huge reserves of oil on and off its coast and it is saving them for the future. They are buying fuel when they need not and burning them to power the cars made by BIG 3 – Now Japanese and Korean cars are competing to burn them.  They are waiting for the reserves outside USA to be exhausted. Believe me guys this is a flawed policy. USA would not be in a position to enjoy this saved oil in the future. Who knows the Russians might have already started ( or may find a way) trans-continental oil exploration and selling  your oil to you.

My head got heated up! I am wasting a lot of energy. I need to save energy for the future. America would not agree with it (just burn it, its not ours. We have a lot in our belly). I am not its citizen too..


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