Hey, I watched Delhi-6 today. I know this is too late to watch a good (sorry I should say Great) movie. I have my own pace of doing things.  After watching I asked one of the guys,  “What’s your thought of the movie” . He says “It’s a slow movie. NO entertainment”
Is this the reason I liked it very much?  Read below.
The movie revolves around the Kaala Bandar (black monkey – I would translate it to Dark monkey) which runs havoc in Delhi -6 area. It  tries to drive the sumo onto the police inspector, tries to rape the young wife of  a rich old man. Interestingly Roshan (Abhishek Bachhan)   happens to be the spectator, each time the black monkey does some mischief.  The police administration declares a reward for catching the black monkey.  People start who this man in th guise of Black monkey is giving them sleepless nights. The Hindus ask why only their households are getting attacked. Muslims revert back saying they too are attacked. Tempers flare among the two communities among the allegations. Once Delhi -6 which was living so harmoniously gets split up overnight and people start attacking each other. Roshan’s Grand mother (Waheda Rahman) who comes back to India to spend her last days  and die among her own people peacefully, is broken seeing all these.
In the climax, Roshan inorder to save his love Bittu (Some Kapoor, beautiful and bubbly though) and his own fighting people dons the physical form of  the Black  Monkey and gets caught. He is beaten up badly.  the People  in a moment of thought realize that the Black monkey  is the evil which is residing  inside  each of them.

The film is goes on smoothly with the  story of  Ramayana shown in parallel.  All credit to Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra for such a good script. But this film lacks the youthfulness as Rang De Basanti which is  similar film. May be that’s the reason the film is not such a big hit. But I feel, the screenplay would have been more tight to convey what he really wanted to show.

This film shows how people try to give name, shape to the evil which is in everyone of us.  We try to identify the evil as something external to us, someone who are of  different religion, caste, place, age, country, continent, different part of universe or who  clean their ass differently, who eat differently or who looks different!  and forget that we are all human beings. In the moment of  crisis we give up the rational thinking of a human being. Its like I am riding my bike and blaming others for causing pollution. How stupid it would be. The Film also shows how we, in the event of crisis, we divide ourselves rather than uniting  and allow the evil to succeed.

I have read in one of the books that ” Whatever is not known is  dark and evil”. May be are all failing to recognize the unknown, dark part of our self  and its deeds. we just brush of as the act of others.   Lets try to know the dark side of ourselves and contain it.

A very good performances from all the cast, especially Waheda Rahman and Abhishek who wonderfully lived the role of  foreign born guy of Indian Origin.

I dont think I bored you.

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