Where is GOD

“There is a  invisible force behind the universe” say all the wise men who tried to find GOD.
Gauthama Buddha recieved enlightment under a Bodhi tree in Gaya. After enlightenment what he taught was how to understand the true nature of phenomena, end suffering, and achieve nirvana. What he did not preach or say is who and what is God.

Meanwhile a group of people found a huge stone which has infinite sides. It appeared differently from each side.   Each of them looked at different facades of this stone and decided they have found God and set out to their lands to propogate what they have seen and understood. What they did not do is go around the stone and look at its other sides. After they got the acceptance from their people, they were overwhelmed by the reverance and the power of belief. Pampered by this new found power of following, they set out for new lands to expand their theological empires. These group of people fought each other and are still fighting wars for supremacy over each other.

Only the wise can see and understand the true nature of this stone. There is also a popular saying that if you cant see directly at the Sun  for a few seconds, how can you be able to look at God directly. There is a portion of God in every living thing. Serving them is serving God.

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