Swine Flew , Stay Grounded.

First of All I wish everyone on the 63rd Independence day.

I hope for many things like corruption free India, clean cities, 100% literacy rate.  But hope is a good thing if some mechanism in place for action.  But even as years pass by there is still a lot left to hope for with new things adding to the list to gode over informal congregations.  Now I hope China does not divide India into pieces.
Recently at an acquaintance house, was discussing about the Swine flu in India. whatever we had in our minds regarding the number of deaths was outdated. (Now the toll is 24, I Hope it never gets outdated.)  What we generally observe in the discussing about the issues about India, a third persons observation of all the issues. We never want to be part of the train, but just like comment how bad it looks, how slow it moves, how corrupted it is. But we are like that. I hope we change. Just hope….

A month or two back, my family used to call me to stay careful. They were concerned about the Swine flu outbreak in North America. ( I am on a short visit to USA) . Now the sad part is its now my turn to call them to be careful.

I hope Swine Flu will never become anothe HIV, in which we already have attained the dubious distinction of having highest number of infected. I hope but what more can I do?


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