Indian Cinema

In what direction our Indian Cinema is heading.
In the beginning it has been following the Hollywood as it was forced to be dependent on it for the technology. As it was trying to keep up with Hollywood for the new technological developments, it also looked at the themes, stories. It took the concept of songs and dances from the early 50s and 60s and the Indian Films still could not part itself from them. Hollywood has successfully matured to new way of story telling sans dancing and singing just keeping the songs in the background.

The problem is we still make movies getting inspired by the Hollywood movies, without acknowledging them. Thanks to the internet and global trotting by the Indians, we are getting to know this foul play.

The innumerable songs copied in the 70s to the Ghajini concept taken from Momento, we are still behind the Hollywood and the problem is we are not trying go beyond that.

To tell of the instance of Ghajini, I was browsing through the IMDB site and came across this movie MOMENTO, after reading the summary, the first thought came is Ghajini was inspired.

The Bollywood has to know Hollywood movies are releasing simultaneously in India, and even its films are released worldwide. The directors have to careful of these inspirations, and if they are not able to fight this temptation, let that be acknowledged.

we may not be able to find out the beautiful foriegn locations where you have filmed the songs, but we can now instantly find out the copied movies.


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