NO HORN Please

Who found water on Moon. Indians!  But we do not have water or some means to curb the fire at IOC depot in Jaipur. What a pity! What shall we do: We leave it Rain God. But the monsoon season is ending and God of Rain must be on leave or sent onsite on deputation in some other continent. To be generic We will just leave it to Gods  as AP chief Minister Rosaiah as always does    “God has to save the Flood Victims” . For it is his Sanyasa phase of life. Its natural for him to say that. We are the fools to have him there.  This God driven goddamn Government  ( In a recent survey it was found that, people who did not vote complain the most) does not have the money put new roads or at least patch the ditches  out there!   Let someone ring the bell or blow the horn into the ears of the sleeping government. “God we will lay the roads in Hyderabad”.

Oh horns! they are the most used after the mouse by the Hyderabadis.  One day this guy in some imported car comes from no where and starts pressing the horn queak, queak queak. Doesn’t that idiot understand that everyone is waiting for the signal to turn Green and they have nowhere to go. He is pressing the horn as if his grandmother Indira Gandhi has built the road and benevolent enough to allow others to use it. His anxiety shows that  ” Arrey yaar please move, my girl friend will run away with someone!” queak queeeeeeeeeeeeeeak.  someone just raised the middle finger in his direction. There are many guys  out there horning as they breathe.
I don’t know what happiness people get in horning.  They are not even like the rubber horns of autos or it is a good time for the little fantasies POM POM… POM.

And looking in other states, its not clear whether who will head the Government in Maharashtra and which ministers will get to press the horn, though in AP, CM Rosaiah has left it to God. In Karnataka the Reddy brothers want the CM Yedyurappa to be replaced. They allege that he cheated people by not pressing the horn properly.

At the Center, Home Minister Chidambaram has vowed to fight the Naxalites until his death.  Did he forget the Naxalites are the bi-product of inefficient governance. It is not his work and someone tell him not to press others’ horns. It is the work of the Planning commission, PM and the Finance minister. Let them allocate enough funds and effort to develop the backward areas of the Chattisgarh.  Or is he just doing this to give away the mineral rich forest area  to the MNCs for exploitation. Oh no!

Too serious stuff, ok. Aishwarya Rai celebrates her birthday today. She too is scorpio! a Good secret keeper. and she has been stinging us with her beauty and talent. No stinging to night.  Happy Birthday and Good night.


3 thoughts on “NO HORN Please

  1. Hi Karthik,

    Nice writing. Keep it up. I am sure we are going to read some really good articles here.

    I liked the following one-liner very much.

    Oh horns! they are the most used after the mouse by the Hyderabadis.

  2. wow! that was interesting read ra. I sympathize with all the hyderabadis that share your view. I some times have a no-honking-day for myself. Prehaps we should encourage such practices!

    Keep writing more.

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