Outing at Village Resort

It was Sunday and cloudy too. Something waked me up and got me ready for the company outing, may be the word i have given that I would come. By the time I was at office there were very few people. It was only 10.15 that the buses started. It was a long journey from the city and the final stretch of the journey through small, kutcha road made us feel we were going to some village. And there we were, no board saying its Village Resort, No one to welcome, No one to count how many came.

And as we entered, there were some swings, a small swimming pool, a big open field which I later learned that was a golf course under construction and some cottages.  We strolled the ground and took some pictures. and there were football, bat, balls, rings, Frisbee.  In front of us there was this big ground as canvas and everyone setoff to paint it  in their playful way. Everyone playing Football – kick,  bat-ball, disc-catch, ring-catch, There were two horses and some went there for Horse-ride. The managers and above were playing tennis at the other end of the resort. Everyone was trying to be their old self  but could not dust it off completely. And then there was a Dj and some tried Music-Dance but the song did not last long.  One group assembled for Rummy-Play.

After lunch, the organizing group tried to assemble the people for Rope-Pull Game. But many were in Catching activity. The Pull game started off with Married and bachelors on either sides, but the rope did not last long. and there was rain. Everyone came under one roof. Rain did what the organizing group could not.

Games again resumed with limited patronage.  There was Sack-jump Race and Spoon-Walk.  After the games, everyone assembled for High Tea! and later everyone joined for the prize distribution and the speeches by CEO, BDMS and Managers.  They told situation is improving and business will improve in the coming months but  there were clouds above us. Many tried to tell themselves that the clouds are long gone and clapped.

After the speeches, everyone dispersed to catch the bus back home.  Everyone was happy and looked smiling though the resort was not so great.  And kudos to the organizing  committee for putting up good show in less resources and with in short notice.


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