Paa Music Review – Ittefaq se!

I embark on the journey of the Paa music composed by Maestro  Ilayaraja, with mixed thoughts about how its going to be.Started off with a Player and head phones.

Mudhi Mudhi Ittefaq se – Sung by Shilpa Rao

woh Mudi Mudi Gali Gali Mudi, Main Muda,
Udi Udi Woh Udi, Main Uda, fir woh gane se juda,
juda, juda mein  usse aur udi udi mera mann.   ITTEFAQ SE!

She(Music) turned-I turned,  She flew-I flew, She fell-I fell and then I just sat there listening her in awe. A total surprise and exhilarating experience. She asked why I was silent. hmm

Gumm Summ Gumm- sung by K. Bavatharini, Shravan, Chorus

And then she came back again before I was ready

Udhi Udhi Ittefaq se – Sung by Shilpa Rao

We moved on together , with this exhilarating experience and many more coming. Whenever I felt like stopping  tired of having so much in such a short span, something tickled me,  a wind flew and I was back on track.

Hichki Hichki – sung by Sunidhi Chauhan.

She left me for a moment  and I was lost completely. I did not know which turn I had taken and at which tune I stopped. everything was dancing and flying. I wanted to tell how much I loved the journey. I wanted to sing to her

Gali Mudi  Ittefaq se – sung by Shaan

I moment later she was back  and we got turned into children  and she told her story. She wanted to listen to my story. I just smiled. But she pressed on…

Gumm Summ Gumm- sung by K. Bavatharini, Shravan, Chorus

We smiled and danced together.  She again asked why I was silent. She showed me new tunes and and sang sweetly.

Halke Se Bole – sung by Chorus

Her story turned little serious and monotonous but I listened . I was still in awe.

Mere Paa – Amitabh Bachchan

She again asked again. I sangUdhi Udhi haa udhi  Mein phir udhi udhi – Ittefaq se . She did not stop laughing as I kept singing.

All the songs are good and Udhi Udhi is great, beautifully composed and Shilpa  Rao raised it one more level. What can I say of Ilayaraja- great.

Listen to them and don’t stay silent. Share it..


One thought on “Paa Music Review – Ittefaq se!

  1. I listened to the songs after I read your review. I would say udhi udhi is one catchy tune. Ilayaraja’s music is far less complex and more soulful. It shows clearly from the Orchestration and music arrangement. I remember you pointing out once that he makes the tune and then adds voice and words, while most others try to juggle music with instruments and singing all at once to come out with a song.

    The music of Paa is good, the music arrangement sounded like the one in Cheeni Kum. However, for me, the movie Paa and the concept deserved much better lyrics. Most of the numbers bank on a few words and the repetition of those very words. Yeah that makes for a really good tune to hum along but it wont leave an impression for long. On the contrary, Cheeni kum had numbers that I’d want to listen to on and on. There are many such golden numbers by him from the yesteryears.

    However, my favorite number in here is gum sum gum.

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