Jai Telangana

What an end to the 12 day long agitations in the Telangana Region of AP state. The mid night celebrations  started after Union Home Minister Mr. Chidambaram announced the starting of process of formation of a separate state was being set into motion and that a resolution to this effect would be moved in the Andhra Pradesh assembly shortly. This is a welcome news for everyone after fortnight of tense and situations.
A similar agitation in the year 1969 has been crushed with the firing of 400 students . Now it is the sacrifices of 30 students and youth and the continuous peaceful agitation by students, political parties, employees that bent the government to take a favorable decision.

The worst of all this was the lathi charge against the students in OU(This is the turning point as it made all other students, political parties, employees  in the Telangana region to join the movement). They were ruthlessly cornered and beaten. Even the women in the Manikeshwar Nagar(adjacent to OU) were beaten. This further strengthened the resolve of the students and got wide spread support from all the people.

Thanks to the Central Government for the quick decision, people in the Hyderabad can have some peace.

If we look at why Telangana region is backward. For this we can site many reasons.

1. Telangana was under the oppressive rule of Nizams before the independance while the Andhra region was under the Britishers.   There was no education, governments in the T region while there was overall development in the A region. The reason for Britishers not annexing the Nizams is because the T region was not near to the coast and not so strategic economically or administation wise. So Nizam’s collected hefty taxes from the people, part of which they had to pay to the Britishers.

2. The late release of the Telangana region: Telangana joined the Indian  Republic only in 1951 after the Indian troops led by late Vallabhai Patel defeated the Nizams.

3. There were no powerful leaders from the Telangana region after the immediate formation Andhra Pradesh state who could lobby for the regions development.

4. Not adequate educated people from the region immediately available to fill the Government posts and other jobs.

5. And No adequate water resources though both Krishna and Godavari flow through the region.

6. May be a little bit of people’s attitude. and Many more.

6 thoughts on “Jai Telangana

  1. Yes, Hyderabad is an integral part of Telangana!

    I don’t understand with what reason people keep talking about how they sacrificed certain other cities’ aspirations in favour of Hyderabad in 1956. It’s a simple thing Hyderabad was the most developed city in this region in 1956! And here’s more – All the existing drainage system of Hyderabad still depends on the infrastructure developed by Nizam, even today! Except for Krishna water, all the other water resources were also set up by the Nizam! Most of the key government infrastructure (including the State Assembly, the High Court, Govt. Hospitals) were all already existing prior to 1956. On the other hand, land sharks, selfish politicians (from all regions including T) have been building great pressure on the existing infrastructure by expanding the city in a very unplanned way! To that extent, Hyderabad was used, and only in that process developed by the existing state. In fact, you can refer to a TIME magazine issue of 1940s where in Hyderabad is referred to as one of the richest cities in the world!


    • Yaa, Thats the fact. They only added structures, colonies for their own comfort, not keeping in mind the history of the City. Now they have ruined the city and call it development. Just because they bought some land in and around Hyderabad, they call it their own. No one is asked to leave Hyderabad. They are worried the prices of land would decrease. Thats inevitable. And the Manjeera Dam which is meant to irrigate the Medak lands, Much is sacrificed, but Hyderabad did not get anything from the settlers.

      Thanks for the comment


  2. Jai Telangana . mana telangana zpp /mpp schools lo sweepers gaa 35 years gaa vudigam cheyinchukuntunnaru, vaariki every month salaries levu vaarelaa brathakaali, MP la kemo 3 times salaries penchithe saaladu antunnaru edekkadi nyaayam….]
    Mahabubnagar dist. lo panichestunna School sweepers eppativaraku regularise kaaledu…..vaari brathukulu dayaneeyangaa vunnayi….jara mana KCR anna pattinchukovaali..
    Thanking u,

    satyanarayana yadav,
    mahabubnagar dist
    Telangaana state.

    cell: 9848060153


  3. Jai Bharath Matha! Jai Telangana !! Jai Jai Telangana!!!

    Maa Telangana maaku kaavaale, seemaandhra mukhyamanthrulu mammalni dochesindru, elaagante:

    eg: YSR thanu cm kaakamundhu 30,00000 appu choopi, nedu aayana kumaaruniki veyyila crores Rs. dochipettindu. maakemo puchipoyina 2/- kg rice Choopindu,

    samaikya vaadulaku o maata: mee Ministers Emichesindru antaarugadaa.

    dhaaniki answer okkate; 175 semmandra =/= 119 Telangana

    Telangana naayakulu o project adigithe 175 tho GO pass kaakundaa addupaduthunnaru.

    Andhuke Maa Paalana Maaku Kaavaali

    Jai Telangana!, Jai KCR!! Jai Ambdkar!!! Jai Hazare!!!! Jai Bharath Matha!!!!!

    Gaddam Satyanarayana Yadav.
    Mahabubnagar, Telangana, India



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