We are Raped! Did we ask for it?

30 NOV 2009:  The students in OU have peacefully assembled to express their support to Telangana statehood. The police entered the Campus, surrounded the students, chased and beat them cruelly.
A APSRTC bus heading towards its destination was stopped by the protestors and all the passengers were forced to disembark and before all its patrons, the doors and windows of the bus were torn and glasses broken. It was humiliated. It was followed by torching it with petrol.  Ten more buses were reported to be damaged in Telangana due to the protests by TRS and Students.

1 DEC 2009, GOA: A 25 year old Russian woman was raped by the local politician, John Fernandes in his car  after physically assaulting her. She lodged a complaint with the police and was harassed by the police to withdraw the complaint. The Politicians tried to cover it up under the mat.  They are worried about the image of Goa ahead of the tourist season.

1 DEC 2009:  More students beaten, many more buildings and private vehicles were  damaged, windows broken, more buses were torched. More Bandhs, more property losses, closures, more rapes…

These violations are happening in broad day light and we stand their spectators. Some deranged people dictate terms, pass the rules, call for bandhs, force to shut down the businesses, schools, lathi-charge the students, rape the women..

It is not the buses which which are damaged but our right to freedom, it is not the glasses which are broken but our right to stand by our human values,  It is not the students those are beaten, but our Freedom of Expression,  It is not the Russian woman who was raped, but our right to Existence.

The buses were damaged by the same people who travelled by them, the buildings and shopping malls were damaged by the people who come there to live, do shopping. The students and people were beaten by the police who are meant to protect them. The Russian woman was raped by the Goan who posed as a friend and to drop her.  But the Congress MP from Goa,  Shantaram Naik says that “THE WOMAN ASKED FOR IT………”

One thought on “We are Raped! Did we ask for it?

  1. good one ra. I’m so disturbed by these incidents that I stopped following the news altogether. I dont know if we should hope for better times or to wait for the world to end in 2012! I’m with the latter, it seems more probable.


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