Lets Cheat! Whats the Choice?

Two girls were talking about a boy who was staring at them.
Gopika says” Hey, that guy is staring at you, seems interested in you.”
Radha replies “Heee is an idiot, boring  and look at his face, its like a box. I am waiting for Krishna

A week later we find that the Radha is before that Idiot staring into his boxy face intently.
When Gopika looked at her with a big question marked face, Radha says “I could not wait”

So to underline what Radha said , We are all falling to the easily available choices TV and Internet are offering us. Press – we can have our favorite star dancing for us. Press – We can see how to make Chicken curry in a 100% pure vegetarian way! Click – We can have loads of information craving for our attention.  We always face a lot of situations and what many of us do – To read a book or watch a movie – Push the button. To read for exams or watch a cricket match– If no one is overlooking – Watch the match, If parents are around – Plead for Watch while Reading, which generally turns into Reading in between Watching.
I Don’t know whether TV and Internet have changed our priorities but they are diluting them.

During childhood, teens , If we had no cable connection and what all ways we tried to watch the Cricket matches- We used to look  for the TV showroom which is generous enough to allow  us watch, try different locations and postures to have a better view,concentrate on the commentary to find out the score if its not clear from far.  It was a blessing to watch  Sachin hit those lovely straight drives. If no visual feed is available, searching for radios to listen to the commentary, bear with the disgusting Hindi commentary to find out the latest score. It was worth it. We all used to wait for the “CHITRALAHARI” for the whole week.   The pleasure was equal to climbing the tree and plucking your favorite fruit.  Now we have many guys to get us the fruit and we pick the one who gets it fast.

My mind is very unstable. It used to be very hard during the exams to concentrate on the book, it wanted to on world tour with beautiful, smiling lasses.  A few moments later I would shake that off and got back to the studies. Thank God I did not have the un-rationed internet and TV privileges.  It is sometimes harmful to have choices. We may not make the right choice and later repent it. I wish I would have studied rather than sit before boxy idiot and make India lose the match”. May be we ran through some phase of life feeding on painless pills, but its late before we realize injections are more effective.

And Choice is Addictive. We try to look for that choice in our daily life. While I do designing on Catia V5, there is a choice of Undo and Redo. Something is not coming the way desired – UNDO it. And believe it or not, sometimes in the other activities sub-consciously I look for UNDOing what was done- But the button is missing!  And If we carry that into the relationships – its difficult. We can’t change every thing around us the way we want. One cannot impose on ones Girl/Boy friend to talk to/listen/watch you. we cant change our boss, even though we hate him.  Arrey, what is this ” You have choice in one and not in others” . That’s the tricky part!

Choice is Good, that’s a privilege of our hard work but we should not allow them to hinder our progress or distract us from our goals, if there are any. We should not forget our social, family responsibilities. We cannot spend the Fuel just because we can afford it. Later we will left with no choice.
May be Life becomes better if we consider all these choices as benevolent acts of good God. What do you say?

This idiot boxy lover is showing Radha and now Gopika too! never ending stories of  Men and women with multiple spouses, cheating around  and they are following him loyally. hmm!
I tell them its time to cheat. They ask me ” OK. What are the choices we have?”
Krishna only” I suggest.
They started to look through the internet. ” Look at this guy, he looks macho! See here he has six packs!”
I pray ” Krishna, please come fast, before its late”

Please do comment. You have a choice too..

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2 thoughts on “Lets Cheat! Whats the Choice?

  1. Wow! Karteek, that was beautiful. I’m sure there wont be many of us who can even think on such ideas, let alone composing a post on it. I loved reading through it.

    Yes today we have more choices than we had while at school. I’m not really sure if having more choices has done us good or bad but we’re definitely not happier than we were back then. I’m really short of ideas to talk elaborately about this. You are cool at this.

    But did Krishna arrive yet? Or he too has to choose between a large number of ‘choices’?

    • Thanks for the comment. That would be a boost, Horlicks and whatever choices we have now.
      I was reading the article about the effects of TV and Internet on our way of thinking. Idea flashed!

      I do feel it is not much applicable to you, at least in the sense that, you are better in working for you goals,targets without giving up to temptations. That’s one thing i admire in you, told you about this before.

      Krishna is present inside them. Will appear whenever they call him. (I got enlightenment just now)

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