Nazar naa lagein Teri!

When kid, it was fun watching the elders get a piece of cloth, tie it to a stick, burn it and move it up and down near me or other kids  or with some salt  in the left hand and remove the “Nazar” or “Dishti” off us. Otherwise we may get fever, cough or cold, that’s what we are told.  I still find many people do this ritual with their kids especially after coming from parties or social gatherings.  How do we come into contact with this “Nazar” or “Dishti”( hame kaise nazar lagtee hain, Dishti ela tagulutundi)? They say some have it in their eyes, if they look at you, you get fever. Hmm  it sounds strange that they do it with their eyes. What more do they do with eyes?
Many of us may just brush this aside as some stupid practice. But their might be some reason why it is followed all over India in some form or the other.

According to Newton’s Law of energy, Every body emits and receives energy in the form of  conduction, convection or radiation.  Even human bodies are the sources  and they emit and receive energy. How is it linked to “Nazar” or “Dishti”? Suppose  in a party and everyone is watching a child who is mingling with everyone and has a cute smile.  They are  looking up for something in the child and some might be having the thoughts that “wish my child would have been like that”.  the child being the cynosure of all eyes,  is robbed of some of  his/her energy. That is when there will be an imbalance in the body and feel uneasy and feverish. Once back home, his/her  grandmother tries to replenish her with some energy from burning a cloth or the salt.  This may sound foolish but………….

In a marriage, everyone is watching the happy couple, relieved parents on the stage, some may be feeling happy for them, some jealous, some sad. How can all these influences be diverted. Treat  with  Food and drink so  that our body is pacified, our eyes “Nazars” and energies are diverted to the food.  And contented man wishes or blesses the best.

In this huge world of energy exchanging bodies, there is a influence of others on us and vice versa. May be that is what we call luck,  stars, a crucial part of our success and happiness.

Please release some of your energy through comments.

6 thoughts on “Nazar naa lagein Teri!

  1. Are you joking? When someone looks at you energy loss is not unacceptable. But how is it replenished when you burn cloth or salt.
    If you lose energy when someone looks at you, they are gaining (same Newton’s law). Look them in the same way to get that energy back. This is what I am doing most of the time especially with the girls.:-)


    • Yes, You lose energy to one and get it back from others(girls, if you are so particular). But when everyone is looking at you at the same time. There will a sudden loss and you need to replenish it.
      You get heat from the burning cloth, which is one form of energy. I don’t know about the salt. They also use broom (cheepuru) sticks which hold some charge in them.
      There might be a better or a totally different explanation for this, but there is something in it.

      Thanks for reading, you have given me a lot of energy!


  2. Hey Karthik… I am not sure whether this nazar/dishti concept is true or not… but as a kid, I have seen my grandma doing this to me a many times whenever i got fever or even i am not eating well… even today when I get fever first thing my grandma would say is “it’s because of bad nazar”

    Anyways… nothing wrong in doing it… in the least it will give us confidence… but I am sure there might have been a scientific reason… like many so called superstitions in India have a scientific basis… may be we are always emitting and absorbing energy without we noticing it…

    good one!!! like every other article you always pickup very different topics and present them in your own way…

    keep writing…


  3. This article seems to be devoid of any reason.

    What are you trying to say? We emit energy???? That is news to me. What is this energy? Which form? Can we measure it? So what you are trying to say is stage artists and other public figures lose energy all the time and hence die early or remain weak or compensate for the loss in energy by eating/working out more???


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