What? On The Same!

I did fasting yesterday and I am really surprised of the ! But I drank coffee yesterday and I want to inform you of the same!
We read a lot of same stuff in the mails like the one from onsite co-ordinators  ” I have observed a defect in the design, and I am attaching a PPt on the same! ”
Really we are in awe for this simple word ” same” .  But do we really need to use it in the above sentence.  This is twisting the already confusing sentences.
If you write to your plumber ( supposing they are hi-tech now) like this
” My bathroom tap is leaking and I want you to repair the same.”
If repairing the bathroom tap is only concern, then the plumber is going to repair the same tap in your house.  If you omit “the same” from your mail he is not going to repair the tap of your neighbor.  Even if you get the bill you are not going to pay it.
” Dear Same sir, we have repaired the tap of your  neighbor as you have not mentioned to repair “the same”. Please pay us on the same” .
I did not know how this got started (using the word same) but  sometimes it is needed when we read the mails in half sleep.

” I have observed a defect in the design,…..and attached a PPT..”
What PPT?
“on the Sameeeeeee!  “
ahhhh,   defect in the design. I got it, I got it.
Next one more mail comes-
” This is regarding the same I wrote yesterday.  Did you rectify the same?”
The reply-
” You did not asked to rectify the design. We did not do the same
One more mail on the same –
“This is third mail on the same! Why would I make a PPT  on the same and send you. You are supposed to rectify (the same). I would  have done it faster than making a PPT  and send work to you guys in Hyderabad.”
The final reply..
” Then do it there (in whatever  onsite location you are)”

If we remove the word “the same” from all the above sentences  they still make a lot of sense. We have many times faced this type of redundancies in the mails only to add confusion. Always the best thing is capture the content of the mail in the subject and that would really make a lot of difference to the communication, sorting the mails . We did not have to read “the same”s repeatedly.

If you have not got bored reading this far, your comments on the same! please


4 thoughts on “What? On The Same!

  1. hilarious stuff… I liked the post and here are my thoughts on the same

    the tap thing is really cool… you couldn’t have conveyed the same any better without this example…

    keep writing ra.. I really liked this one…

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