Moulali Trek

In times when most of us miss the early morning sun shine, or getting up to the wake up call of the rooster, this was more than a welcome experience. Everyone assembled at the foot of the famous Moulali Steps on the morning of last Saturday. The trek did not appear promising as there were well laid steps to the top of the Moulali Durgah Hillock. But once the Organizer Padmaja arrived, we group of 21 started climbing the stairs. Some like me out of sheer excitement found their own way.  I forgot to mention the little girl who was part of this trek – Meghana who has just completed U.K.G and going to First class, came along with her Father. She already bought books for first class so she is in First now. Any questions? And there was Anchal Gandhi who was moving up in his own way had many of his so called “Last photograph”.

Its easy to reach the  Moulali Steps. Can reach Moulali Kaman – Check google maps or trust the on-road assistance  (Hey Bhai Moulali Kaman Kaise Jaana?) and from there

1. While going towards ECIL/Kushaiguda you will get to a little Y junction in less than 500feet.
2. There you take the left lane. it will take you directly to Durgah foot steps.
Check the below map. Click on it to enlarge.

Source: Google Maps

As we climbed to the top, it was nice feeling. I don’t know what makes us feel great looking at things from top.

We could see, feel the Sun rising from behind the clouds.

There were introductions and we headed for the descent on the other side of the hill. I thought we are going down and the trek is over. But wait there was much more!

We climbed back which was really easy and  I, along with few, was running upwards.  Three more trekkers joined who were late.  And one more such descent and ascent. Again the same thought ” the trek was over. Do I have to say to wait?

We all went to the other side of the hill and went for the trek. The real trek!  Removed the shoes, First time it didn’t work, I slipped. There was Nataraj encouraging from the top. Before me was Meghana who successfully completed the first part. I too did it!
Something in me was asking for more! There I was heading stranded, I could not go further and I my legs were trembling. I somehow got back  and with the help of Subba Rao (Meghana’s father)  I could finish the second climb.  Meghana and Srivalli were already there!   Everyone followed and it was really great experience.
Memorable thing was Meghana clapping without making sound as each one finished the trek.

Image source:

And Virginia Wang, who hails from USA and staying in Vijayawada, was speaking in bits of telugu ” Nee peru emti”  Saying about Rosaiah’s famous statement ” Naa chetulo emi ledu” .  Someone asked about which side she is Telangana or Samaikya Andhra.
She says ” If  goons from Telangana  come to her, she is going to say ”  Jai Telangana” and if goons from other side come she is going to say ” Samaikya Andhra” . Do we have a choice?

Thanks everyone for making this a memorable one.

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