Intuition and Logic

While I was doing my Engineering ( my engineering because I did it for myself, not for someone from Ranchod), we use to cook food in the room taking turns. We had a fixed rule for making rice- two glasses of water for one glass of rice. That’s the formula, logic we used and that worked really fine with old rice.
Back home my mother has no such formula, they just put water without any measurement. The rice cooks fine all the time.  I ask them how its possible most of the times. They say that’s how their moms, grand moms did it and they are doing it.  That is Intuition.

INTUITION, by definition,  is a knowing, a sensing that is beyond the conscious understanding. It is a response based on experience, heightened observation, and cannot be logically explained.  we cannot explain how the water added without any measurement,  is perfect for the rice most of the times.

LOGIC, on the other side, is the valid reason for an argument. It is drawing a conclusion from the set of examples.
Now we have a problem before us finding the right mix of (What is the right amount of water-if we put one glass water for one glass rice, rice does not boil properly if we put 3: 1 ratio, it cooks a paste,…….. finally we conclude that 2 water one rice is the right ratio.) So much documentation, so many experiments, and finally the result.

INTUITION is associated with the right side of the brain while LOGIC is associated with the left.

Let us look at a problem: How to find out whether a couple next child is male or female?
Who does not want to know if their next child is male or otherwise? Now this is complex problem of  simple variables Xs and Ys.
We have a baba – Santanasiddhi Swamy who can look at any husband and wife, study their feet and tell who their next child is – babu or laxmi. How he does it  is by pure intuition. Statistics say that he is right 90% of the time.

And there is a Professor is Osmania medical college who has developed a  logical complex formula  for the same problem.  he conducts some tests on the couple and puts these results in a complex function and does the calculations.
He names his theory KajolShahrukh theory. The statistics show that he is right 99% of the time.

Both have become very famous and people are thronging them to know about the inclinations of the India’s future  citizens.  SantanaSiddhi Swamy’s Ashram has grown big  and donations are pouring in. He meets about 100 couples every day.  While the professor meets the couples in his office and meets only 10  because of the complex calculations.He only does them as there is fear of stealing his theory.  The professor sleeps little and there are complaints at home.  Santana baba is enjoying his work as he meets new people and his followers are now spread across continents while the professor is strained of doing the same repeated tests and calculations.


When we do things out of intuition like driving, playing games there is very little strain on the brain while logical thinking is stressful.  While we see that our efficiency or skill level seems to improve in activities by intuition and also our confidence to face other different kind of situation grows.
Logical reasoning gives us the tool to overcome similar problems but not other problems ( we have solved the problem of cooking rice. what about the right amount of salt and chilly powder- Again the experiments start). But if we develop the intuition in any activity that gives the confidence to  face any chilly or Garam masala  problem, in fact they will cease to appear as problems but as some fun activities as we are experiencing them.

Two friends sit  in a room and are trying to logically solve the problem  of driving a car in hyderabad.

” I will drive only the left side at 20kmph.
If some biker suddenly comes before me, I will apply the brake and press horn.
If I have to overtake. I will measure the distance in  between and see that no one is coming in the opposite direction, then I will turn the steering in clockwise direction and then anti clockwise.
His friend asks what if you see beautiful Trisha driving on her Scooty Pep+ by your side.
Aah. thats a big problem, nice that you have guessed it before.
OK, then I will not turn my head but look straight and drive. I know its difficult but what to do.”

Like this if we try to solve the problems we can never learn and experience driving.
Exactly this is what our school education system is trying to teach us. Trying to complicate simple problems and create an impression that we need super fast brains  to solve them. That’s the reason the schooling has become such a pain and we could not enjoy it fully. If we learn at least some things  by experiencing them, that’s lot of fun.

LOGIC -No Villain

I am not trying to project Logical reasoning as some villain here. It is very important in solving many of our problems. That’s how Engineering has been developed and we are enjoying its fruits. Only thing is the brain gets stressed and we need balance it by indulging in some physical activities like playing games to de-stress ourselves. Every problem need not be logically solved.
How Sachin hits those lovely straight drives, how Federer hits those breath taking back hand shots? That’s by Intuition and we call it Art.  Tell me which one has more followers  – Engineering or Art?  And who is more satisfied?

For your Information, Professor who developed KajolShahrukh theory got a patent and trying to develop an computer application and is planning to release beta version DeepikaRanbir Ver.1 . But the Government of India has banned all means of foetus sex identification due to alarming rates of female Infanticide.  The professor is very sad and depressed. But the SanthanaSiddhi Baba turned into YogaSiddhi Swamy and started Yoga classes for his ever increasing followers.

Your thoughts and feedback to improve this post are most welcome..

8 thoughts on “Intuition and Logic

  1. wrong example mama…

    I dont know if the decision to use this example was based on logic or intuition, but the example, according to reason is not correct.

    Though they dont really count the number of glasses of water they pour at home, they usually end up pouring the required amount of water. This is more to do with practice, nothing to do with intuition. Even if the water is a little more or less, the difference in the quality of rice would not be that noticeable. You do not, while driving, brake when somebody comes into your path, based on intution. The result is a reflex action. It is not even based on logic, it is just practice, that feeds your sub-conscious mind. This is similar to the “Rice-Water” example. Imagine the same, when you are 100 ft from the traffic signal and you see it turn yellow, you use logic to estimate if you can cross the signal before it turns red. Or if it some traffic signal in a new city or place you will definitely think before deciding to cross, but if it is a daily signal, you will just cross it out of practice. There is no intuition involved here.

    So to conclude, intuition may be devoid of logic, but it definitely should not be equated with practice. Intuition can be attributed to cases where it is a first time situation or a completely new situation or scenario which has no similar precedents. The moment you are using some knowledge of the past (based on practice or experience) it ceases to be called intuition.


  2. Man that was one hell of a topic! I loved reading it. Santanasiddhi Swamy, KajolShahrukh theory DeepikaRanbir Ver.1 are not only creative but are fun to read too. Your definitions for intuition and logic are quite apt I would say.

    At the same time, I agree with Goutham’s comment. Intuition and practice are two different things.

    We often wonder how we did certain things though we never did it before. That’s probably intuition. Driving and cooking rice well might have come by means of practice or by means of instinct (another close word for intuition as I see it).

    Have I consciously evaluated (logically), estimated and practiced things, I would call that practice.

    I just did it and if it worked fine, I followed it without an evaluation/estimation, I would call it intuition/instinct. I might or might not have practiced it, but it still works fine. Moms might have or might not have logically practiced cooking rice. but it still works for them.

    Guess I wrote quite a big comment here!! haha!

    But good point you made there about our education system. It tries to develop computers than intelligent human-beings, I’d say.


    • Thanks for reading it completely. Yaa sometimes we may not get words to explain some things.
      About Intuition
      Intuition is a combination of historical (empirical) data, deep and heightened observation and an ability to cut through the thickness of surface reality. Intuition is like a slow motion machine that captures data instantaneously and hits you like a ton of bricks. Intuition is a knowing, a sensing that is beyond the conscious understanding

      One of the aspect of intuition is there is no effort on the brain. About water – rice, everyday we are not going to cook the same amount of rice, some day some guests come – there is some activity in the brain. we cannot act mechanical. Whatever practice we have gained, where is it all stored? Brain. While playing games the data tranfer is happening at high speed that we don’t feel it.
      And about riding the bike, You are having a different situation every moment, but similar to the earlier situations. The brain receives some inputs and processes them, and the beauty of it we don’t feel any effort or pressure. Thanks, to our education system, we are breaking our heads to solve problems of mathematics, physics, there is lot of pressure on the brain.
      About applying breaks as mentioned by Goutham, we don’t always break by reflex, then we are really bad drivers. When we are driving behind a slow vehicle, we sense that we are going to hit him if we do not break. The intuition says apply breaks, this happens in a flash.

      Anyways, thanks for the comments, I could get more insight into the topic.


  3. Fantastic article, and very well written.

    Definitely a subject worth pondering over..i simply love to read and delve on stuff of this kind… so close to ones life… but still, so little thought about.


    • Thanks for the comment and nice comparison.
      Yes Intuition is love because we love the activities we do by Intuition. Logic is a forced marriage which we may like initially but ends in Divorce.


  4. Its a nice observation of things happening all around us.
    Without any delay I am getting into the topic at hand.

    I would like to say Intuition per se is an instinctive response.

    I kinda see this blog and its comments moving in two directions
    1) Intuition Vs Experience
    2) Intuition Vs Logic

    Intuition Vs Experience:
    Which we are trying debate around here from the above comments?
    We experience all kind of situations and our brain keeps a log of most of the things.
    Sometimes we use this information, to guess or use the intuition to solve a problem/issue ahead of us.
    I can say that intuition and experience go hand in hand together.

    Intuition Vs Logic:
    Logic by definition is analysis by reasoning. It goes to use certain principles/rules to explain things.
    But intuition is not like that – I say – its an intelligent guess, which may/may not be explained by logic.

    I would like to introduce another line for debate
    Intuition Vs Instinct
    There is one more thing I would like to clarify Intuition is different from Instinct. Instinct is hardwired/programmed into our brains, you subconsciously do it and Intuition is not.


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