The Indian Masala

What is food without spice? What is a film without love, fights?  And the latest notion, What is film without a kiss?

Recently, We went to movie ” Badmaash company” starring Shahid, some tall Anushka Sharma and some chini Meiyang Chang. The film starts in late 80s in the pre-liberalization India, The group of four headed by shahid try to exploit the simple funda ” Without left, right is nothing and vice versa” . They import left shoe  and right shoe from Bangkok to separate locations in India, and don’t take the consignment saying they are cheated, thus avoiding paying the customs duty, later they buy both the left and right shoe separately in auction, bring to Mumbai and do the marriage of left and right and sell it off . Till then it is ok.  India is liberalized and customs duty is decreased.  Now what!. They go to America and they cheat with gloves.  “It is compulsory that left gloves should be with the right one, otherwise both are waste”. We know it yaar, left hand should be with right hand, left leg should be right leg! should have shown something new.  Now the friends fight, here starts the Indian drama,  the hero realizes his mistakes and becomes mister nice guy. How can someone change himself so easily? What ever wrong the hero does, he becomes good at the end and everyone pardons him.     Why can’t someone stand up to what they did?  A wrong deed done in full consciousness is not undone completely by feeling guilty.

What ever may be the type of movie, at the end most of them turn to sentimental drama. Are they doing it to appease all types of viewers?  Song and dance in  a serious movie, exposing by the heroine who is a house wife in the movie. These type of things dilute a nice movie.  First of all what is needed is a nice, compact and well researched script. Rest all fall in place.

Lets listen to one conversation between two cine-goers.
Two cine-goers are in conversation after watching a movie.
Ram – ” What a movie yaar, the heroine is great. What a kiss yaar”
Shyam -” But the heroine is a bitch, she did more exposing, there was no need for it.”
Ram – ” Dont say like that about my heroine”
Shyam-” Did you see the newspaper yesterday- she was wearing a short skirt for the film promotion”
Ram-” They have to do it Shyam Bhai, Karna padtha hain, did you see, she was pulling her skirt down. She does not like to do it, she is helpless”
Shyam-” Oh, I see! skirt wearing people are helpless too! You go then, save your heroine”.

We all go to movies for variety of reasons, for entertainment, to get away with daily tensions, for comedy, for heroines, for heroes and some for the love of the films.  In the days of the piracy, it is really important that the film attract the maximum people to the cinema hall. The maximum people who criticize about the movies may not be watching in the cinema halls,  who knows.

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