The Evolution of Evil

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Yesterday, We went to Raavan movie,  a contemporary version of Ramayan. It can be seen for its beautiful cinematography,  good screenplay and great acting by Abhishek Bachchan and all others . What was really missing is the complete correlation of the Ramayana to the present situation. It looks more of the old Ramayana enacted by the characters in new present day costume, especially the role of Hanuman (Govinda). He was just jumping trees, which is quite impossible for any one in the present situation. Rather it should have been shown what he really stands for, extreme devotion to Ram, very powerful but not conscious of it. What the Director was particular about showing is that Raavan is good and Ram could have been bad. (The Dravidian version of the Ram-Sita-Raavan story). Raavan may have been good but the problem  with the historic events is they are the versions told by the victorious. The other side of the story is defeated.  We are made to believe what is told by a few people.
Regarding the good and evil, good is that which is accepted by the majority of the people in a group or society and the evil is that which is not.  Good and evil change with times and are different  in different societies.
When we observe the ten avatars   of Lord Vishnu for fighting the evil.

  • In the first Avatar of Matshya, he took the form of a fish and helped save the hermits(sages), plants, animals from the great flood.
  • In the second avatar Kurma, the Tortiose,  he helped the Devatas in churning the great ocean for the Amrutham.
  • In the third Avatar Varaha, The Boar, he saved the earth, Vedas   from the Rakshasa(Evil) Hiranyaaksha.
  • In the Forth Avatar Narasimha, The Giant Lion-Man, he killed the Hiranyakasyapu, and saved the world from his atrocities.
  • In the Fifth Avatar Vamana, The dwarf Brahmin, He saved the Gods from the great Asura Bali by crushing him to the Patala (the world below us)
  • In the sixth Avatar Parashurama, he killed the king Kartavirya and all the Kshatriyas (rulers) to save the Brahmins  from their atrocities.
  • In the Seventh Avatar Sri Rama, the peak of the reincarnations of the Vishnu, is the ideal character of the Indian people. His foe is the King Raavan. Raavan is Half Deva and half Raakshasa (his mother is a Raakshas and father is a brahmin)
  • In the Eigth Avatar Krishna, he kills his own uncle who cruelly keeps his sister and brother-in-law in jail (Krishna’s parents). He helps Pandavas defeat the Kauravas (evil but not Raakshas).

If we observe, till the Vamana reincarnation, evil was was the copyright or restricted to only certain group of people popularly called Raakshasas or Asuras. There was a fine line drawn between people who are good and bad. Later during  the Rama avatar, the evil entered the body of the Devatas( common man). Raavan was half Brahmin, half Raakshas. Raavan was bad because of the situation he was in. He kidnapped Sita because of the ill-treatment meted out to his Sister, Soorpanaka by Lakshman (Rama’s Brother). She liked Rama and wanted him to marry her. So the treatment to her. (Again this is the popular or the only version available to us). Anything could have been possible.
In the next avatar Krishna, the evil has entered into the minds of a group of Devatas ( common man). The cousin brothers Pandavas and Kauravas, fight among each other. What ever might be the reason for the war between them- pride, kingdom or women, brothers fought among themselves.
Always we had all the options before us, the so-called good or bad paths.  and  This is the heightened state of the evolution of the Evil available in the great epics and the stories. The next version of it is what we see now in our daily lives. We are all in some unknown race and we want to win at no cost(no brothers, no parents, no friends, no neighbors) . In this scenario of ever changing priorities and increasing populations, the behavior patterns are becoming unpredictable and people are losing trust, belief on others.

But what the history says is that any wrong doing is the result of marginalization, apathy and the atrocities on a minority. And this would only come to end by bringing in the total equality, starting in our thoughts first.
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