Its War! Let’s watch it

Argentina is out of the World Cup. They were trashed by Germany 4-0.
The residents of
Buenos Aires can breathe now. They need not see Maradona Naked. ( He said he would roam the streets of the Buenos Aires if Argentina wins the World Cup). Was Maradona confident enough that Argentina will not win 2010 Football World cup?
I have seen the first half
and the final moments of the yesterday’s match. The first goal , a header by Mueller with a superb kick by Schweinsteiger in the 4th minute was really surprise as it was the shock to the Argentinians. They never recovered from it. They were desperate for the equalizer.  Some desperate shots over the goal post or direct to the Goalie. In fact they could kick one inside but that was declared “Off-side”.


Someone has said ” Everyone says Football is war and matter of life and death, but its more than that. ” May be these matches are the proxy wars we are playing as we can’t afford the real ones. And now we have the pleasure of watching them remotely, cheering , cursing, praying, celebrating, crying over the coffee.

Off side rule is that you can’t go for the goal unless there is at least one defender ahead of you. ”  Yaa, reasonable, you can’t attack an enemy who doesn’t have  his defenses ready.  Sorry guys, no goals for surprises. But what happened yesterday  was that the Argentinians were almost  near the goal post. The Germans know that the Argentinians are attacking and its up to them to protect the goal post. Now the referee caught 4 Argentinians ahead of the Germans, No goal!  Felt very bad. Anyways rules are rules.  Sometimes we wish they are never there but……

Could not see the match between Spain and Paraguay. Saw the highlights, it appears there were too many fouls at either goal posts and  some missed penalty kicks. Ultimately Spain emerged victorious and entered Semi-Finals after some 60 years.

And today we have the Rafael Nadal – Thomas Berdych Wimbledon Final. Let’s watch who wins this duel – war, off course  over coffee!

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