Happy Teacher’s Day

Today is September 5 –  Teacher’s Day.

Every news paper is more concerned about what is needed to produce good teachers in India. They were talking about

  • Good teacher training programs
  • Higher qualification for the teachers.
  • How teachers can inspire the students to get answers out of students.
  • how teachers have to create passion and creativity in the children.
  • how teachers have to refrain from using corporal punishment as a means to control the class.
  • What constitutes outstanding teaching …..blah blah blah

But what do teachers need?   There was one instance in our school where there was a discussion about Extra classes for syllabus completion. The teachers were reluctant about the extra class as there was not extra pay for them. The salaries given in the private schools is very paltry despite the heavy work loads.  Everyone aspires for a decent salary to fulfill their family and other personal aspirations. Before we expect a teacher to inspire a child, the teacher has to be inspired enough to show dedication to her job. Now many see teaching  as a transition to another better job. And the kind of society we are in where accumulating more material wealth is a social norm and the continuous pressure from all sides makes people have single minded approach to jobs and business – more money. Where is the scope for virtues like  job satisfaction, family values, dutiful citizen. We are forced to do that which is in vogue – build a house, buy a car, marry. This social structure leaves less room for individuals for thinking or doing things differently. This is the plague that is gripping the whole Indian middle class society. And the teachers are not an exception. We don’t love our jobs and expect teachers to do otherwise. What kind of hypocrisy is this?

The schools which have become another way of making money, don’t pay enough to the teachers or don’t pay much attention in teacher recruitment or training. I don’t what is the solution for this but wish there is a change….

Happy Teacher’s Day

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