How Ganesh wants to look like

Ganesh Chaturthi , the birthday of Lord Ganesh is back and along with him comes the fortnight long festivities all over India. The pandals are ready with  the decorations. The idols of Plaster of Paris are made ready and bought and brought to the pandals. They are covered to be unveiled  tomorrow.
We have given form to the Lord to pray him, please him and later immerse him only to bring him back next year.
Lets say if God is given a choice to choose his form, the material and color..

  1. Would he be choosing the cool, shiny Plaster of Paris or the greasy, dark mud.
  2. Would he be choosing the big wooden table or the ground.
  3. Would he be choosing the big, burly form, reinforced with iron or small shape.
  4. Would he like to be dressed in shiny clothes and ornaments or mud.
  5. Would he be choosing the expert  for make up or some cheap guy putting natural colors.

In the initial years, God had chosen to be in Plaster of Paris, seated on a high platform, tall in nice robes and good makeup. But he did not like to be immersed in the oceans, ponds and rivers. Anyways he had no choice but to wait for a year. He liked his form so much that he wanted to be in the same materials. But the Plaster of Paris did not mix with water and stayed under the water. The paints too floated on the surface unable to get back to nature. Ganesh was in despair and got an idea!

Lord Ganesh – Is all Grace (Courtesy:

GOD TURNED ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY: From the next year he made himself in mud, small, playful, dressed in natural colors on his birthday. He was happy and blessed the devotees very well as he was confident that when he is immersed, the mud and the colors would dissolve in the nature and reach back the hands of the sculptor to return back, more strong and benevolent.

So What are we supposed to do? Help God make himself in the form he likes -NATURAL!



4 thoughts on “How Ganesh wants to look like

  1. So nice,so impressive,handsome review,may god bless you.I have a recommendation to get your blog listed on http:\\ so that people all over the globe can easily learn and approach holy ganesh chaturthi

    • Thanks James,

      Thanks for your suggestion and comment. I have listed the blog on http:\\

      May Ganesha Bless us with a beautiful, clean and peaceful world.

  2. So Ganesh ji went environment friendly? Hmm in fact he’s always been. I remember my Grandpa tell me how they made the idols from clay on the riverside. And how he disappeared into the water in just no time as he was immersed later. Guess that’s the essence of it, god can take or lose forms that easy.

    By the way, small mud idols are easy to make, but it takes using hay and wood to make bigger ones. But with a bit of effort and some technique, they could very well make bigger ones.

    Hope we see more of them this Ganesh Chaturthi.

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