The smell of a Smile!

Straight to the point!

Well when I was in Engineering, there was a guy named Casanova(name changed). He was not quite so popular among the girls in our class but had lot of girl friends outside. I don’t know about the customary stuff done by the so-called girlfriends and boy friends. I am not sure of what happened with him and his girls. So i will put it like this – ” he was very popular with the girls outside”. There was one such incident – we were sitting in a tiffin center and having tea. Two girls came along with their father and sat across our table. My friend Casanova was facing them (right position to savor the opportunity) . What happened between them is still unknown to me. We were all out at the same time. The girls riding pillion on their father’s scooter were all smiles and were waving good bye at us( great pleasure in making it plural – why not? happiness is to be shared like tea!). I had been bugging my friend about what he did. He said ” I did not do anything” . This never happened to me! I went into detective mode and analyzed the incident.

1.  He is handsome-hmm not all handsomes and legsomes get such luxury
2. He is charming- thats ok but what is the reason for his charm



Photo by Divyesh Sejpal, Ahmedabad – INDIA. (Courtesy-


He has a great smile. I have finally found that !. The next moment I tried my hand at smiling but never got the desired results. May be my smile is like Patel’s joke.
Mr. Patel is new to a memory club “Beja Bosses” where its members boast of great memories. It is customary during the meetings of “beja Bosses” to have a jokes session. The club has listed out some popular jokes and allotted them some numbers to each of them. All the members have them memorized. During the jokes session, a member is chosen to tell a joke. All they need to do is go there and tell the number of the joke. All of them laugh. When it was Mr. Patel’s turn he chose a very popular joke. he was a little nervous. He goes onto the stage and says 76. No one laughs. He was pretty sure that it was a good joke and he remembers it properly. Dejected Mr. Patel asks his close friend cum member about what was wrong. His friend said – ” That was a really good joke you have chosen, but the way you said (the number 76) was not funny!” May be my smile is not like a smile, may it was not natural like my friend Casanova smile.  No regrets!

I read some where that in some species a female senses an attractive male by the smell. I did not produce a good smelly smile!  Of course, the way any gesture we make  is received a lot depends on the frame of our mind and our body. The positive ones produce good smelly smiles ! I should get positive!

I got the answer! Hope its not too late…



Its not only about getting something out of your smile but the smile can make the surroundings around more positive and lighter. Smile is one thing that everyone can afford and deserve.

Your comments and experiences please……………


5 thoughts on “The smell of a Smile!

  1. Wow! That was a treat to read first thing in the morning ra. Great work, hilarious and really apt usage of words. I’d say, this was one of the best that you’ve written yet.

    I especially like reading – customary stuff done by the so-called girlfriends and boy friends, making it plural, handsomes and legsomes, Patel’s joke and a few more. Great work, keep writing.


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