Its Diwali – Dham!

Happy Diwali, Happy Deepavali and Happy Dhamvali!
Welcome to the most famous and popular festival of India “Diwali” – The festival of lights.
Celebrated in the commemoration of victory of Lord Krishna(read as Good) over Narakasura(read Evil), people light their houses with Diyas.  And its also the time to open up so that all the  negative  goes out  and good comes in.

But in the recent decades, Diwali has became more of a Dhamaka festival.  Instead of opening our self and open for good to flow in we are breaking something else .  For that purpose there are so many crackers available. The Mirchi bomb (because its red and small) , the Brinjal bomb (because its green), there are Laxmi bomb(don’t know why they are called so) and the rockets which go in all directions except straight.

I don’t understand how this festival became the Dham festival. I strongly feel people are missing the surprises!. Life became so routine, same job, same house, same wife, same children – need some surprises (Dhams). Huh, these surprises come in different varieties.
The Chilly bombs are small surprises. People got bored of them and a long chain of Chillies(Ladi) is more surprise, before one Dham goes other Dham comes!. Sometimes it runs  for a kilometer. There are Brinjal bombs, flower pots are old, and flowering pot plus Dham is a surprise. People blast these for surprises and the problem is they make sure everyone hears them. ” Did you hear that, what a Dham.”
There is a thick cloud of smoke everywhere. Some people argue that it kills the mosquitoes!  I am for a noiseless, smokeless but Bright and Happy Diwali. Please don’t say ” let’s go Electric” .

Dham! Da Da Da Dham!  Its past 11 in the night and still i can hear the Dham, Sooyyyyyyyyy Dham! They say “ Wake up its Diwali” . First of all let people sleep.
Wish you all again a very Happy and Prosperous Diwali! Keep yourselves  safe and others too!



2 thoughts on “Its Diwali – Dham!

  1. So much dham dham for three days on either side of Diwali. I’m for the bright and noise free smoke free Diwali but it somehow gotten in to the culture that unless you do the Dham dham! its not Diwali. And we Indians want to be noticed too often for ever reason and nonreason, this is perhaps one forced way of making ppl notice.

    Hey nice new blog theme by the way!

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