Barely  monsoons and  Toofans left sweeping the country – length and breadth, cities and villages, roads and fields.  Its time for Nira Radia with her tapes!
The news is not widely published in the media as it relates to media. The telephonic conversations of Nira Radia, a Corporate Lobbyist, with the big names in the Telecom industry , media and politics were leaked by OPEN Magazine.  The Income Tax Department has given permission to tap the phone of Nira Radia for income tax irregularities.
The tapes can be heard over Youtube or read on Open Magazine.

She plowed an extra inch deep into the politics and also the media and herself. (Nira means plowed field in Hebrew) This has exposed how the media which generally plows the politics to expose the weeds, turned into one of them. ” All are weeds” . The rear glimpses of weeding operation “sting operation” was only to remove any remaining flowers in the field. Did we give this country to a bunch of weed cultivators? May be. We thought MEDIA is some TERMINATOR , but is just playing  MEDIA-TOR.


The Income Tax Department would not have imagined  what the tapes would reveal. The 2G(Government and Telecom industry) became 3G(Government, Telecom industry and Media). Anyone’s grandma would say “whip those who cheat” but now we “Zip up and save those who cheat”. Again the slate is clean until someone wants to write something.
The lively and effervescent Barkha Dutt  of NDTV would have removed the veil long ago off her face but this one off her face was more revealing and unexpected.  Vir Sanghvi of Hindustan Times would have shown his bravery in a different way rather than volunteering to play a middlemen.  They said ” We need to play such roles in order win the trust of our sources.” I would like to ask ” Why didn’t you expose or hint of the scam while it was on the stove?” I don’t know what there true intentions are but something is wrong with all of us – “Too much patience”

It again rises an ugly question- ” Are we empowered by the deluge of competing media? I don’t think so. Its again similar to the days of Doordarshan, when the whole news network was controlled by the government. The Governments have evolved to control it again. They just give you a glimpse of the tip of an iceberg and make you believe ” That’s the iceberg!.
They have only used the media to further their interests. They only make hue and cry of the issues but never follow up to find what’s happening  with those issues.  ” Interestingly, all major issues, like these 2G scam, The Telangana agitation etc.,  happen only during the Parliament sessions. The opposition as expected by the Government stalls all the activities and the Parliament sessions end without any meaningful discussions on important issues. And finally suspends all the opposition and passes all its bills single handed or pass the GOs.  And people forget everything as if there was no storm.

Manmohan Singh has repeatedly shown how a Prime Minister can be a puppet while the orders come from “madam”

What does people like Nira Radia should learn? Pay your taxes properly otherwise you may lose some of your livelihood.

One thought on “Media-tor

  1. hmm! Yeah I agree with the mediator term for media. And also on the way they make hue and cry of scams and never follow up. ‘Zip up and save those who cheat’ was good! Unfortunately, media to me seems like playing a much deeper role and a part of the so called spoiled ‘system’. I don’t really see them having much interest in honest journalism, professional ethics etc. Indian media seems to reinforce day in and day out that India would remain corrupt and 3rd world no matter where do China and the rest of the world heads to.

    Nice writeup, but I suggest refrain from using original names when talking negative.


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