News Cooking

Hot Hot News! Breaking News! First on Our TV! Ground Breaking News!
Now every news channel dishing out hot hot news, the question is which one is more hot!
The answer is which ever news is cooked more and served as LIVE Feed!
Recent days, there has been an increase in the news items featuring of LIVE ACTION!
“Wife beating the husband and his Lover before everyone”
“Relatives of the girls beating the Principal for activities out of the Curriculum!”
“Children showing the burns and injuries of Teacher’s Punishment”
“Showing Nude and Semi Nude pictures in the name of Moral Policing”
” Repeated telecast of the Nira Radia and her Tapes”
” People punishing the Thief rather than handing over to the Police”

When someone is getting beaten up for whatever he has done, any on-lookers job is to try to stop it or go away. Why the Media with their camera persons and other staff are present in such places is not trying to stop those and settle the issue? Why do they want cook it further adding LIVE Masala?
Why do we have to see how a wife beats up her husband for overtures on TV! Is it anything like seeing a Bollywood blockbuster where VijayaShanti beats up the Gundas?
Why do we have to see how the cruel teacher’s  punishment is innovative?
Why is the media covering the punishment meted out to the thief rather than calling up the police?

This cooked news is developing a very dangerous taste among the people i.e, sensationalism. We are alienating ourselves from the situation as if it can never happen to us and we will always enjoy as spectators. But the news is not about another planet or another continent but our own neighbors. What we need is action.  Action which corrects such misdemeanors in the society, if we cannot avoid such incidents, at least we have to  show it on TV or other media with a human angle rather than increasing their TRPs or circulation. As shown in the movie “Mumbai Meri Jaan”, Rupali(Soha Ali Khan), a TV anchor, finds it difficult facing the camera after losing her Fiancee in the Mumbai blasts. Its difficult because she is on the other side which she never cared about. She could not face the same question “How are you feeling now” which she asked others many a times.

I don’t think this is what we want to pass on to our next generation.

Your comments please…..


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