Petha – Agra ka Meetha

Every place has a landmark or a specialty,  it is a monument, temples of worship, nature’s own impression, people-their culture, clothes or food.

Well in that case Agra has three – The beautiful Yamuna River, Taj Mahal in its banks and Petha!
Petha is a delicacy made from Sweet Ash-gourd  dipped and served with sugar syrup.
Recently we stopped at Agra on the way to Delhi.  The train was nearing Agra cantonment station and some youth though unarmed, barged into the compartment. I felt fear for a moment, before I found out that they are the autowallas searching for their passengers. could not wait in their autos!
One Autowall  got hooked to us and was damn sure we could not get any accommodation ourselves. we acceded. So first thing is do your ground work before landing in such place.
We finished our breakfast with two kachori which generally would prefer to eat in the evening snack in south of India.
We had our visit to Taj Mahal. I liked for its serenity and humbleness rather than what it’s famous for – grandeur. We spent good two hours though we had to catch Chattisgarh Express to Delhi.
Before that only one thing was left – buying Agra ka Petha. My colleague who is from North India suggested me to buy Panchhi Petha – a brand by itself.
Aftee coming out of the Taj, we asked the autowallah to take us to Panchhi petha shop. He took us to some shop which was too small for its reputation and the shopkeeper came outside to welcome us. I felt something fishy. I was warned of the fake Panchhi Petha stores all round Agra. I felt very odd because somethings around were not real. I was coaxed to take some petha but to no avail. I have to find the Panchhi Petha Store!

So we headed back to the room and packed our bags. I had the list of the panchhi Petha stores  addresses  and showed them to the Hotel man. I asked which is nearest to the Agra Cantonment Railway Station. That’s the one Dholpur House on M.G. Road.
This time we did not say Panchhi Petha Store but said Dholpur house and then to Agra station.
That was there the Pancchi Petha Store right in the junction. It was a big store and people were busy buying sweets and namkeens.
Here we have what we desired and our patience paid.


Important things to note
1. Panchhi Peta Store has five branches, four in Agra and one in Delhi
2. There are numerous duplicates or fake shops all over Agra with names like Best Panchhi Peta Shop, New Panchhi Peta Bhandhar (with Best and New written very small). I didn’t taste in those shops but atleast they are not the best, as many say.
3. The original shop has a name “PANCHHI PETHA STORE”
4. Do not ask the autowallas to take to Panchhi Petha store. There is a great chance that they will take you to a fake one.
5. Find out the area in which the store is and ask the autowallas to take to that area.

The addresses are below
1. Panchhi Petha Store, Opp State Bank Of India, Dholpur House, M G Road, Agra – 282002
2.  Opp Hari Parwat Thana, Hari Parbat, Agra – 282002
3. Panchhi Petha Store, 15/136, Akka Wali Gail Noeri Gate, Hospital Road, Agra, Uttar Pradesh 282003
4. Panchi Petha Store, Bhagwan Cinema Chauraha, Agra.

The Address of the Delhi Shop is
Panchi Petha Store, #2365, Main Patel Nagar Road,Patel Nagar, Delhi -110008

The varieties of the Petha available are Saadha Petha, Angoori Petha, Kesar Angoori Petha, Kesar Petha  and all are priced below 100 per kilogram.

After reaching Gurgaon, it was around 11.30 p.m and we could not get anything to eat. We opened one of the Petha box. We felt that it was worth all the trouble in finding the authentic Panchhi Petha!

I have only visited the Pancchi Petha Store in Dholpur House, M.G. Road. and I cannot guarantee the correctness of the other addresses .
Request you to share any more information that can make this post better. Thanks,

4 thoughts on “Petha – Agra ka Meetha

    • Taste was really great, i don’t think so about the advertisement. they are already famous, may be my blog gets a little famous with that!


  1. Agra ka paitha is synonymos of agra. My agra visit is incomplite without Panchi Paitha. it is really pure and higinic. thanks to panchi paitha store.
    Abhuapura Kiraoli Agra 09017141622

    Sector 2 parwanoo solan H.P.


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