Happy International Women’s Day

This March 8th we are celebrating the 100th International Women’s Day.

Is it the day we stop to salute the contributions of women to the society? 365 days are not enough for that, but in the male dominated world, this one day for them isn’t a magnanimous gesture but small underscoring of their never appreciated role in the society. It’s important to celebrate Women’s Day because it brings focus to the issues we need to look at closely but often do not.
The shopping malls made sure that they turned this to another Valentine Day Fest, another family celebration of buying gifts, going out for lunch and dinner.  “Let’s not reduce what is a symbol of women’s long struggle to achieve equality into a marketing gimmick” Shabana Azmi says

Artist: Shreya Shinde Title: Liberation And Celebration Source:http://www.internationalwomensday.com

The invisible fight between the man’s world and the woman’s world is on and it is this day we take stock of the ground situation.  The match between the two teams (man’s world and the woman’s world) ends on March 8 only to start a new one the next day.
Even this year the man’s world won and that too by comfortable margin. The woman’s world team look dejected. The violence, domestic and outside, against them has not decreased. Groping,physical handling and stoning to death for adultery are still prevalent in the Arab world,  though there were some bright performances from some section of the women in the fields of Politics, Industries, Film and Social Work. There is still need for better performances and on analyzing the defeat, the following observations have been made.

  1. Many women players left the match once they have reached their personal goals.
  2. Many women players quit the match and their goals after the bliss of marriage.
  3. Some women players were disqualified as they played Dowry with co-players.
  4. Many women players lost focus due to the shopping offers during the breaks.
  5. Most of the women players were tempted by the Presents given by the men players.  Diamonds and jewelery were the most popular presents!

Truth is  that a man always needs a woman by his side the most than a woman’s need for a man. And still woman are not able to utilize this to turn things in their favor!
Women are utilizing this but for their own personal gain and not into a larger thing. This is something they have to seriously think over and work together.

There is a popular saying the country is free only when Women can go out even in the night without any fear.  Much to be done to make the country free!
Even now parents are more anxious about their daughter not home than their son. It does not mean how much they care about the girl but how much they care about the world.  There always remains a thin line between how we want things to be and how we do things.  A woman’s freedom always comes with a set of strings.  This limited freedom is the play area for the women as long as they are in the man’s world or defined by them. These strings need to be dissolved for their ultimate freedom where they can do things the way they want it. They can have all night beauty parlours, only women discotheques, men working for them, woman’s cricket and football world cups.
It’s really difficult to create a totally woman’s world, keeping in consideration the resistance from men.  So how can we create a world of equals at least on the gender basis?
Women should stop really trying to do things to please men: Aah  this is something which always would keep them down. A competition among them to please men is the main hindrance.

This is something which needs improvement which we all should be seriously working on. The blasphemy laws, child marriages, domestic violence, groping and rapes against woman have not shown much decrease in number or the people’s overall attitude towards them. The recent killings of Pakistani Governor Salman Taseer and  Shahbaz Bhatti, federal minister for minorities who have opposed the Blasphemy Laws. “Shahbaz, from your blood revolution will come!” Thus the protesters outside the Lahore Press Club some four hours after the assassination of Shahbaz Bhatti.  But this seems to be the  beginning of rising religious intolerance in the troubled country.  The level of under-nutrition and lack of food among women and children  in India seems to be worst than the levels of 1955-1960. The high levels of violence against women among rural and semi urban is not a good sign. The attempts to kill  or attack women for not heeding to overtures of some mad men seems to be still prevailing in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh despite many steps. The alarming Sex ratio in India underlines the prevailing attitude of the society as a whole towards having a girl child.
There is still attitude of needing a woman beside but not a girl child among men and families in India. This is mainly the pride associated with the morality and the widely prevalent  violence against women.


These problems arise about the poverty and indefinite future of our lives. The ever-increasing population in the developing countries has taken care that the majority are poor and lot to do for spending a decent living.  For there is always War between Rich and Poor, Between the privileged and down trodden. And in any war Women are always the most affected.
To cite an example, recently I was at a junction and a person was hit by a car. He was not fatally injured, but soon the people around surrounded the car and broke it glasses, damaged the hood.  What did the car do anyways , it was the mistake of the driver. The attitude of the people was like “WE DON’T HAVE THE CAR, HE HAS THE CAR. HERE ITS OUR OPPORTUNITY TO EQUALIZE.
The best things can happen to women only in stable societies where there is no War, there are equal opportunities for all, enough food to eat and  shelter.

What ever revolution or fighting for rights is happening because of them as they have seen the luxury of money and power. It’s natural that more and more are looking up-to them and opening many fields which were ALL MEN before. They have been in instrumental in recognizing the true potential of women in practical and taking up  the fight.  In developing countries and especially in the subcontinent, women suffer from lack of access to equal opportunity in education , health, employment in the formal sector. Even in the western world we find very few women at the senior management levels in large organizations. The rules of the game need to changed so that women can participate in the decision making process. The fight is still on.
But for making strides in to the top echelons of the companies, women have to change their total attitude towards jobs. Rather than seeing them as mere sources of supplement income to that of their spouses or families, women have to keep the fire on as few have shown like the PepsiCo CEO and many others. The family structures do not prompt them to work but need to concentrate on what they really want to make of their lives. And the attitude of women towards working women has to change.  Lamiae, a formidable woman of Morrocco fought for 8 years to get a permit to drive a taxi, Surprisingly, the most negative reactions she gets when driving the taxi are from other women.
She says “Women do not encourage me as men do, many women don’t like to take the taxi when they see me driving, but I guess this takes time”
Read more here http://www.internationalwomensday.com/storyteller.asp?a=n&id=37

The statistics will always show that a lot is still to be done outside to see women as equals and they will be off the head lines by tomorrow and again its the struggle of individual women with no much support from fellow-men and women.  The women should stop comparing themselves with men as they are far more superior beings and capable to do wonders as some of them have shown. They should look inwards of they can do and the whole of the new generation is in their hands, as always!


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Also read http://www.internationalwomensday.com for some interesting stories and art by of course women!

3 thoughts on “Happy International Women’s Day

  1. hmm! nice one ra. The examples you quoted of women who made it big should inspire more women. The world is realizing slowly but consciously that women can do most of what men can, and men cant do what many things women can!!!

    But generally, I agree that its the women who have to believe that they’re equal to men. If they want to evolve as equal, they’ve to stop trying hard to please the men.


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