What does a Woman Want?

It’s Women’s Day and again the Women are in the forefront of discussion.
What does a Woman Want? What are they about? This is one of the most challenging questions facing the men world. Man has explored moon, many planets but could not find what  a woman wants, what’s going on in her mind.
” I have given her so many presents, was so caring but she avoids me now” says one of the dejected man.
This has been an elusive answer to man for centuries.   There is a saying that God has created Man first and then Woman.  Woman is more latest and man is a little old and this needs a quite an improvement on part of man to understand the software of woman.  This inclination to know about women arises out of the man’s need to have Woman by his side more than woman’s need for man’s company.
But as we observe in our daily encounters that women are no much different in likes and dislikes. They too like working, going for adventures, sharing light moments with friends, like gossip….
“But they are unpredictable, its difficult to know about their mood swings” says one.  Of course they are unpredictable compared to man’s behavioral patterns and expectations. Naturally, woman’s reaction to man’s expectations would  be different so the man should stop expecting too much and start to be practical.
I am not providing any solution as I am also in pursuit of that. “What do woman want?”

Please do not go by the movies of India and some movies of Hollywood where women have no other thoughts other than wooing the hero. They only show how a man expects a woman to be, easy, and uncomplicated, doting and stupid. But in real life they are quite different.

Lot of Women go by emotions regarding decisions,especially, over relationships which is beyond all logic and reasoning and that is very difficult to predict even with any advanced computer analyzer. So we need to always be in the radar of woman’s emotions so that we can smell something.  Now don’t ask me how to get so close to a woman.

What’s in her mind?

This is some adventure for everyone who wants to know what’s  in the mind of a woman and should be ready for all the emotional surprises. At least we can make a good attempt by being truthful and treating them with respect and love.

Please share your comments and experiences in the Comments section

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