No Love at Work!

Once upon a time, there was a kingdom ruled by Satvalas in the southern part of Bhaarath, now India. The kingdom was small and the people were happy though they were poor. The king Devalaraya was a nice man. He was not very ambitious and relied heavily on not one but many group of ministers for decision making. The country faced huge threat from the neighboring nations and it relied on the highly skilled army, though underpaid. The king thought of expanding his kingdom to protect itself from the invasions of the neighbors on its resources. “Goddamn Trichakras slowly encroaching on our territory”
There was a small tribal hamlet ChenchuPeta which is strategically located and is crucial in protecting the supply route to the soldiers during war. The tribals of ChenchuPeta are self reliant and a closed group. Now their trust and friendship is crucial for the Satvalas. Satvalas charted out a plan in that direction. It took the advice of the security advisers and planned to increase its detective work force.
There was a soldier MahaVeera who was highly committed,brave and hard working but gullible. He was praised by his superiors for his fighting skills and leadership qualities. “You are a great warrior” his superior Chaturaveera said. Kaamchora was also in the same regiment but always evading work. MahaVeera was paid less and never promoted. Chaturaveera sent MahaVeera and Kaamchora to ChenchuPeta  as a detectives to find out about the tribals and their inside information, but MahaVeera was interested in real war! He had no choice!

Mahaveera – the warrior

MahaVeera and Kaamchora started their new assignment when there was drought all round. The tribal leader Chenchu Naik  had a beautiful daughter named Sakku. The last of the water in the ChenchuPeta got dried up and they have to look for outside source.  MahaVeera got to know this and strategically took control of the near by lake while kaamchora did not do anything and  was busy  searching  for a girl. MahaVeera allowed the tribals to take water from the lake and thus befriended Sakku. He liked her very much but did not forget his primary job. Through Sakku he went to Chenchu Naik and took along Kaamchora. He arranged a meeting between Chenchu Naik and Chaturaveera, his superior. Kaamchora went and told  about this to Chaturaveera  and projected  this as his achievement. Maha told Chaturaveera about Sakku and his liking for her. The meeting happened without MahaVeera and cooperation agreement was made. Chaturaveera projected himself as the hero with the King and sidelined MahaVeera. MahaVeera was deeply in love with Sakku that he did not care about anything else.  Later he learned that Sakku’s hand was being given to Kaamchora, Kaamchora was  little senior to him  in the regiment. MahaVeera was very angry and confronted his superior.
Maha said “I know you did a great work but I did not suggest your name to Chenchu Naik
“Because you are young and don’t have a mustache.”

Mustache! what kind of reason is that. “I am no more a kid, I can take care of Sakku”
Chaturaveera was angry and said “No more arguments, you can leave”
Maha learned a great lesson,
After two months he went and asked about his promotion, Rajaveera said “Your number of years of  experience deserves  a promotion, I will try my level best for it.
Maha quipped “Please see my work not the number of years behind me”
He came out of the luxury tent and  came across Kaamchora.
Kaamchora asked “What kind of girl is Sakku, what does she like?”
Maha said, “A man has to win his woman”

2 thoughts on “No Love at Work!

  1. abs agree wth no love at work.. i tk it lil ahead to mk it harsh n wud say.. no friendz at work.. tht wud help u to be professional whn u r appraising them.. 😉 thts a learnin from exp.. 🙂


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