Sneeze! its true

I sneezed and in return got so many blessings! it’s in USA you sneeze and others say “Bless you”.
In India (to be  specific in Andhra Pradesh) we say “its truth”

Its summer but still I caught cold and could not stop sneezing while my friends are in hot discussion.
one of them said “the earth is flat, really man”
I sneezed.
my friend said “satyam, its true, see he sneezed”

we sneeze because some foreign particle  is entering the body and the body is rejecting it with maximum force possible.
May be its true about what is being said at that moment. It’s not true so the body, mind is rejecting it!

So earth is not flat!

Your comments please


3 thoughts on “Sneeze! its true

  1. So earth is not flat!

    I Dont agree with that statement “Earth is inclined because at low level we have oceans and high level we have snow in between Jungle” lol

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