But they fall easily!

Recently,  a  boy climbed telephone tower in the suburbs of Hyderabad to  attempt suicide  in Tollywood(Telugu Film Industry) style. He  threatened to jump if one of his ladies did not accept his love! (He has informed many girls through his friends hoping at least one will come.

This was his last attempt to get deliverance from the ever haunting thought of not having a girl friend.
He is a big fan of Telugu Film industry and idolizes the heroes. He tried all the methods the heroes use in impressing the young heroines.
He tried his hand at hitting some seniors who were ragging the girls, but no girl looked at him.
 He tried to be benevolent to the beggars, but had no girl looked at him with appreciation.
He tried to show to them that he was poor and how hard he was trying to come to college. He only got lunch boxes when the girls went out!
He tried all the latest hair styles and wigs but got no girl to brush his hair saying “how cute”
He made his friends make fun of him and his financial situation but no girl sympathized and more over they too joined  the circus.
Someone suggested running nude but he has already decided ‘his body is only for his girl alone’
“See those heroines in films, they are young and beautiful but easy, and these girls are not beautiful but so hard to impress!

Love is so easy here!

One of his friend said ” All the heroines are from outside, you should try the non locals. To his utter dismay those girls don’t talk in Telugu as it happens in the films and he knows nothing other than Telugu, thanks to Tollywood.
He threatened to make the jump but not a single women, leave girl, gathered around. Many were waiting to see and only some were pleading not to. The TV channels were fighting to take the best position to capture if the boy jumps.
“Tell me Anand, when is the boy expected to make the jump” .
” If you can see from the pictures, the boy looks devastated, it may happen any time” “Sandhya”
“Thanks Anand, we have with  us the prominent psychoanalyst, Brahmanandam garu, “
While the analysis was on all airs, the boy was confused about what to do.
He was thinking Girls fall so easily in the films,why not to me? I have done everything what they did in fims and even I look better than many of the heroes. Its waste living here, I will try in Heaven, OH Lord Krishna, please take me with you.
Suddenly a man dressed in modern clothes (lets say God), with so much bright light behind him appeared.
It appeared like a revelation for  the boy.
God asked, “Oh, my dear boy, why do you want to kill yourself?”
“I tried everything  they show in films but not a single girl fell for me.”
“How many girls do you want?”
“No jokes please, I am heart-broken.”
“OH!, what ever they show in films, does not happen in real life”
“But girls in films are so beautiful but fall so easily, and outside girls are not so beautiful but……”
“Even though they are not beautiful in appearance, they have feelings, emotions”
The boy look puzzled as if he heard something new.
“They are also human like you, they have taste, and whatever ‘ love’  they show in films is not real”
The boy is coming in line “Yes, whenever a couple comes closer,  they show a song”
“Most films are made by men for men! Men want women to be easy, stupid and to fall behind them for no reason, That is what is shown in films”.
“What should I do now?, Do you have any formula?”
“No, If you find any, let me know.  Now get down and study well”
“May be you should talk to them”
The boy thanks God and God joins with the mist and disappears.
Ground Zero is busy with activity.
Girls started coming
One said ” It feels so amazing to have someone attempting suicide for me!”
Second said, “But he is doing it for me”
Third said, “No, it is for me”
Meanwhile, the boy comes down, “I am not doing it for anyone of you”
The boy lifts his head towards the sky, “Try one at a time”
“Hahahaha” came the chuckle from the sky.

3 thoughts on “But they fall easily!

  1. haha! Good one. But why on earth did the girls turn up at the end? They too wanted to be on the TV probably. We see so many such stories these days on TV anyway. Worser still , the boys these days are killing the girls atrociously because they don’t come to terms to their proposals. Wish Sri Krishna gives his advice too all these buggers!

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