Here comes Knowledge!

A small kid named Bhola came out and saw a small insect  flying from one flower to another. He tried to follow it.

From somewhere he heard a voice ” Oh! this is called butterfly, it belongs to the family of insects.  They feed on nectar from flowers, over there can you see them?   There life cycle consists of four parts, egg, larva, pupa and adult.”
It was his cousin, Gyani, five years older than him. Gyani was class 7 and was very studious. Bhola, stopped following the butterfly and pondered about the things he has to know.
“And what is this?
” That’s an ant, it belongs to the family of social insects. Some eat meat”
“Chicken? inquired Bhola.
“Yes, they live in large colonies………..”
Bhola decided that he should also become knowledgeable like Gyani. Thus the quest for knowledge starts.

During their next meeting they again saw a beautiful butterfly but Bhola did not follow it or enjoyed its colorful wings “Its only a butterfly”
He remembered something “Butterflies can change colors”
Gyani quipped, “Good, Its called polymorphism”
Bhola felt happy.

In the quest for knowledge, Bhola stopped enjoying the little things around him.
The natural process of learning through experience  is disrupted and  thus we have information about everything without experiencing it.
“The milk will be hot now. we have to drink it after it gets cold” said Bhola to his friend
“What will happen if its hot? asked his friend
“I don’t know but we should wait till its cold”
Thus forms the belief system without actually experiencing.
“Pray to God, he will give you gifts”. Bhola says to his friend

After some years, Bhola visits Gyani (who is in his teens). They are walking to grocery shop and  Gyani attention is on a beautiful girl and he is enjoying it. Bhola observes it .
Bhola says, “You are in the stage of adolescence, and feelings arise when you see a girl due to increase in Hormonal activity especially Testosterone”
“What the heck”
Bhola “I read  that  anger is not good for adolescents”

Welcome to the world of knowledge!

What to say – Do you have anything?


2 thoughts on “Here comes Knowledge!

  1. Haha, there are far too many things that we’re ‘told’ about. We never probably try them out ourselves. But yea there’s another way to look at it. Not every thing would you have to learn by experiencing, some knowledge has to be borrowed! They call it ‘learning from others experience’ or else you would be to slow to be able to live in the hustle and bustle that we live in.

    • Yeah, Knowledge always cannot be acquired by experience but also should not be forced upon. There comes a time when we naturally feel the need or question arises. Then we have our sources ready to share.

      Thanks for the comment

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