Slutwalk and Sluttalk

As the sun rose over Delhi on Sunday, it was like any other Sunday, but it was the day of  SlutWalk athaarth Besharmi Morcha and a little bit of Slut talk. People especially women from all walks of life marched against sexual prejudice and gender discrimination . The Slutwalk protest movement originated in Canada in April this year after a policeman said women could avoid rape by not dressing like ‘sluts’.

The Slogan that were raised were ‘Walk of no shame’, ‘Stop staring, women are not aliens from Venus’, ‘Change your thinking not our clothes’ and others.

We have got something to be Ashamed of!

Women should be asking why do we men see them like that?  because we don’t understand what you are!
That’s why we keep staring  hoping we comprehend something, but nothing seems to be happening.

The source of  all this slut talk is that men will not stop staring and they like seeing women.  This is the source of inspiration for many a writers, poets, musicians….and also rapists, eve teasers.. Once in the eyes of public, women have no choice  of their admirers.

But as we are talking about the way of dressing, its important to dress based on the occasion, climate outside and inside people’s minds . Its better to avoid being in regrettable situations as there are many perverts around and this world is basically sluttish.  Meanwhile we need to see  how we can dissolve the market of beauty and sex.  We  also need to change is the attitude of stereotyping women based on their way of dressing.  And  its the duty of every man to treat their inspirations equally or more equally!

Many a fans of the SlutWalk are disappointed that there were no lingerie, short skirts, fishnet stockings as seen in other Slut Walks. Men will never change!


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