Say Sorry!

There was so much noise in the class that day. The teacher who was supposed to come was absent and all the students were having a good time. Suddenly from no where the Principal(P-pal) came. I was sitting in the last row and he asked to put forth my hand.  I did not participate in any competition and I wasn’t expecting any prize. Instead he took out the cane and starts hitting me on the palm. “SAY SORRY”, he was saying.
What? What are you saying?
Seeing the question on my face, he repeated ” SAY SORRY, SAY SORRY”.
Oh! I said SORRY and he stopped hitting me. He moved to the next in line. After four SORRYs he left amid total silence.

I was devastated. I was too studious and sincere to be punished.  I was hit in front of the whole class and the neighbors.  We were in 9th standard and I started to roam with the less studious ones. I stopped going with the studious guys because they were competitors more than friends! I was exploring a different kind of world and here comes this SORRY surprise. What shall I do? How can I show my face to everyone?  I started to cry with my head on the table.

It was lunch time and everyone started to console me. Even the girls  came with water and my lunch box.  Wow,  I was a bit enjoying this attention from the girls. I  was too sincere in crying  that I did not listen to anyone. Old habits die-hard.  They went away and I kept on with my drama.

After that I  became a bit Bindaas(care free).  Thought that would be my last sorry to the P-pal  but not.
One Saturday, I went to school wearing black shoe (Uniform for Saturday was all white).  I had to be punished and waiting in line was more pain than the cane.

“Where are your White Shoes?”
In a drought hit, underdeveloped, district you have to ask  whether  I have eaten food, not about my shoe,  I wanted to say . I flashed my white teeth instead.
The P-pal started hitting me. I said “SORRY, SORRY”, but he continued hitting. After some hitting he mouthed “SAY SORRY”.
“But I already did.”
“Careful boy, you talk to your Principal like that”,  whip, whip. “SAY SORRY”, “SAY SORRY” .

I said the final SORRY  and left for the class.

2 thoughts on “Say Sorry!

  1. Mama, i do remember this incident. This is uninterestingly interesting ra. Uninteresting- Becaz u were hurt.
    Interesting- Becaz HURTING attracted attention of Girls.


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