Raksha Bandhan

Its Full Moon day and its time for renewing the brother-sister relationship. On this day sister ties Raakhi to the hand of her brother (mostly elder) and the brother vows to protect her in all eventualities. Quite a big commitment!

More than renewing the vows of responsibility, it is the celebration of bonding, love between the siblings. Even in the modern age where the real wars are not so common, women have to fight constant battles with the different facets of the  society. Here it is the responsibility of the men to protect them.

And it is also of great market value with the makers of Raakhis , sweet makers, mail companies.  Chocolate makers are also entering these days for their share of pie. Some Raakhis are made of  just thread, some with decoration material and sometimes with silver and gold.

When young it is more of an instant give and take thing. sisters tie the raakhi and the brothers give some money. Sisters will say I want to tie Two Raakhis ( for double money!) . Mother says “No baby, Dad is tight on budget (ultimately its Dad who gives the money!)

Sisters tie the Raakhi and unemployed brothers look at their mothers. mothers turn to fathers, who reluctantly gives the money! Families have a hard time getting the girls married owing to the dowry.

Some of the married sisters go the houses of  brothers only on this day to tie the Raakhi. Married brothers give a gift  amid silent protests from their wives.

Little Sister ties the Raakhi and the brother says “Do you want long-term gift or short-term gift?”
Fascinated by the sound of long, the sister opts for Long Term Gift.
Brother says ” Then you have to wait for 5 years then I will give you a big gift”
Sister says stretching her hand “It should be this big!”

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