Man LokPal

Parliament gives  nod on key elements of Jan Lokpal Bill. Its  “people’s victory” says  Anna Hazare and broke his 12-day-old fast on Sunday declaring that electoral reforms will be on top of his agenda next so that corruption can come down. The news channels filled with footage of wide spread celebrations  from all walks of life in all corners of the country. Such was the movement that prompted BJP to support Anna Hazar-e (hazar means thousand in Hindi) and Rahul Gandhi to  make a statement in the Lok Sabha. The support from the country men underlines to what extent Corruption has corrupted the people.

Half way thou

Half way through full meal - Source: The Hindu

If the bill is passed then an independent ombudsman body similar to Election commission of India called LokPal will be formed.
 It would be empowered to register and investigate complaints of corruption against politicians and bureaucrats without prior government approval. What if this becomes corrupt too! Arey, don’t look skywards!
hmm! Another movement will be started by Anna Lakh-e to form Pure Jan LokPal replacing the present Jan LokPal. and then 100% Pure Jan LokPal to replace it and this tagging continues with no end to corruption.
Next comes Bhagwan LokPal in which the Gods are the heads. And this too will turn useless because  they too will turn gods to partners  through by offerings or  people will turn  to atheists!
Even the Aishwarya LokPal, Katrina Lokpal will not work as they cannot stay charming for eternity.
No system works as long as we have the unending itching sensation in our minds to earn more, to spend more, to buy more, to breathe more, to shit more!
What we really need Man LokPal, a self-regulatory system  in every one of us.
I will wait till everyone else follows it!

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