Its maya! everywhere

An US cable titled “Portrait of a Lady”  was sent by the political Counsel of US embassy of India.  Its says about the UP chief Minister Mayawati and her ministers. Read more at this link Mayawathi and her nine cooks

If Assange is wished to be sent to a mental asylum in Agra, its  Maya.
If jets fly with just a pair of sandals its Maya.
If corruption comes before everything its Maya.
If party comes before Government, its Maya.
If money turns itself into a garland, its Maya.
If  someone indulges in turning oneself into statue though still alive, its Maya.
If you turn left its Maya, Right – its Maya,  Up its Maya, Straight – its Maya, Behind – its Maya, Below its Maya. Past-already Maya, Future – Maya in the making.
Its Maya (hypocrisy, corruption) everywhere…….

If everything is Maya, then what is real? Rahul Gandhi?  No, Sonia Gandhi? No, Mahmohan Singh? LK Advani? No, Vidya Balan? No, Anna Hazare? May be!

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