September 11

This day 10 years back two metal birds collided with the twin towers of New York, resulting in their collapse and death. What followed was war on terror, resulting in ousting of Taliban in Afghanistan and other wars.  This anniversary is also special with the 9/11 mastermind laid to rest by SEALS in a special operation in Pakistan.

This changed the world in a way. First time US was attacked by terrorists in their own backyard.  The widespread actions and rhetoric of xenophobia against Muslims in US and other places captured the news headlines there after. World lost the Twin Towers, in their place lies rubble and a wound unforgettable.  The way we see our neighbors is not the same anymore, if it was aloofness and ignorance before  the fall,  it was love or hate later. We were asked to take  a stance, for or against terror with no other choice. Air travel is never the same with increased checking and frisking.

USA reacted to this unexpected challenge in a way to make sure no more lapses took place. It ousted the Taliban regime, haven for the terrorists.

It will be never the same for those  who lost their dear ones. we cannot justify one terror strike for another, but can only hope no such strikes take place  in the future.  My deep condolences to the   victims of 9/11 and there after.

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