All is Well, No more Evil!

Today is Dussera or Vijaya Dashami festival, celebrated commemorating the victory of  Good over evil. This also marks the beginning of harvest season in India and on this day everyone does Ayudha pooja  (praying the weapons, vehicles, tools).
It is on this day(10th day) Goddess Durga killed the powerful demon Mahishasura after a fierce 9 day battle.  It is also celebrated for the victory Lord Rama over Ravana.

These events have happened long back  and until now  it is only Ravana, Narakasura, Mahishasura.. who are branded to represent the Evil, and Rama, Krishna, Durga.. who are Good.   Year after year it is only these battles which are fought and it is the same ones who won, and the festivities follow. We burn the effigies of Ravana, we immerse idols of Ganesh, Durga into ponds, lakes, oceans.

Source: Wikipedia, BCCL

So  why  is there no Durga, Rama, to fight the present day Evils?  Why is Krishna not coming to fight the Corruption?
Why aren’t there any more battles against the POVERTY, POLLUTION,  POPULATION GROWTH, OBESITY, CRIME facing the world.

Maybe Gods are taking a break in Alps. Or they should be feeling we are not worthy  fighting for!
The evil has entered into us and we stopped noticing anything wrong about it. We started living with it, supporting it.  Battle has to start within us and as long as we have no intention to fight we will continue to celebrate the same old festivals!



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