Fall or No Fall

It is Fall season, cold winds are blowing and there were two trees.  One tree is getting ready for the winter by preparing  to shed its  leaves. Its leaves are turning yellow and then red.
The other one is defiant and trying hard to stay green.  It is proud of its perseverance to the cold north winds.

The Green tree says to Yellow tree ” See that guy, he is taking pictures of you, Doesn’t he know that you are losing all your greenish charm, here I am standing green and tall and he is neglecting me”.

Green or Yellow! Fall or no Fall,

Yellow Tree: ” He likes my color!”
Green Tree: “Your leaves are falling, can’t he see that?”
Yellow Tree: ” Don’t Disturb, let me pose for the pictures”.
Green Tree: ” I am the one who is still taking CO2. They and their vehicles are farting  and I am still cleaning, Can’t he see that?”
Yellow Tree:   ” I am just preparing for the winter!”
Green Tree:  ” I am defying the cold to stay green and no one is noticing”
Yellow Tree: ” You have to go with the tide, more clicks please”
Green Tree: “The cold is bending my spine and this self-centered moron (me in this case)  is taking your pictures”
Yellow Tree: ” It’s still not late, you too turn yourselves red”.


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