Dheko Salaa Salad Khaa raha hai!

I was having lunch with one of my colleagues, and I was having salad. He was having Dal rice with some chutney.
He says ” Why are you eating this now?”
Its 12 noon and I think I am eating lunch. “Why, what’s wrong?”
“You should enjoy now only” he  says
“I am enjoying it”.
“This plain leaves, vegetables. You can eat them when you cross 40, any way that time your  body will not support spicy food”, he says.
“As an Indian, can’t I eat anything  without the famed Indian spices?”
“You can eat but your body should work fine so you have to eat Indian food”, The great lover of Indian food says.
“I am tired of  preparing Indian curries and I am just eating Salad, I don’t know  if Indian Gods will forgive me but you please do not curse me, my lord”

There is this misconception among the many Indians that Good food is the one which is tasty, spicy, chilly…anything other than that is equivalent to grass.
1.Good food is the one which gives energy and all the essential nutrients.
2. Good food is the one which is light on stomach and does not make you sleepy after eating.
3. Good food need not be tasty or spicy because stomach does not have any taste buds.
4. Good food which prepares your body best for the demands of growing up and old age.
5. Good food is not the one which titillates a few taste buds of the tongue.

Salad is a good food for my body and I think for many others.

Your comments please, in the comments section!


2 thoughts on “Dheko Salaa Salad Khaa raha hai!

  1. I agree. I love salads. And whats more, you can try so many many things with it. And who said Indian food is all spice? That’s how many non-Indians perceive Indian food as. But in reality only the delicacies that are occasionally made are spicy generally. Most of the staple food, like ‘dal-rice’ your friend there was having isn’t really spicy out here. no? I also believe that Indian food has a lot of variety and health packed in, if not overdone and misinterpreted that is.

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