Got 100! Finally

The idea of getting a 100 was in the air since march last year, but never thought this would happen so early.  It’s not Sachin’s 100th 100. It is my 100th Post on this Blog!

The media is  creating much hype around Sachin’s hundred. Dhoni is right in saying that it will happen when it has to!
My 100 is happening today.

This writing journey has been exciting  and scoring 100 is  a small token from all the readers I should say. Many thanks to all of you for your patient reading, comments and sharing.  I might have bored you with my Dot balls and Singles.
I might have forced to read with the continuous sharing on Orkut, Facebook and Google+ . But my intention was to score a SIX.  I have to say that I just hit the ball, you carried some of them, with your reading,  to FOURS , SIXES and beyond!

I started Blogging when my friend Bharath started his. It turned into my favorite hobby. Writing Blog has been a kind of Stress buster, a platform to hone my writing skills, to express my  thoughts and ideas.  A thought of stopping came some time ago when no one was really reading them and I was not feeling inspired to continue posting.  Don’t know what made me continue and I became BLOGOMANIAC!

Whether I am celebrating to a full gallery or the empty stands, it’s a nice feeling.  Some comments would make it more warm!

5 thoughts on “Got 100! Finally

  1. Congratulations! Great going ra!

    I haven’t counted on my blog, but I am sure it will definitely be less than a ton.

    You really write well and you have already created a style for yourself, especially with the intriguing titles. Keep writing and we will definitely love to read more stuff.

    Happy blogging.


  2. hi ,you have been well known that Thomas Elba Edition also discovered 99 ways to that cannot invent the electric bulb. But finally his 100 attempt didn’t got in vain so hats off to your 100 and nice writings 🙂


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