We want Telangana!

P says,  “Are you listening? There is no power at home ”
T says, “We want Telangana!”
“There is no water in the house”
“We want Telangana!”
“Schools are closed and children are at home”
“We want Telangana!”
“There are no buses to go to office”
“We want Telangana!”
“People have no food, no work”
“We want Telangana!”
“No projects taken up in Telangana”
“We want Telangana!”
“All the lands of Telangana are in the hands of others”
“We want Telangana!”
“Telangana people are not given jobs in Government”
“We want Telangana!”
“All the water of the rivers is taken away by others”
“We want Telangana!”
“There is drought in many districts of Telangana”
“We want Telangana!”
“Many children are leaving school and working in hotels”
“We want Telangana!”

One solution for all the problems! Nice, but with Telangana, do you think all these problems get solved?
History shows they do not.
If we  want water, let’s fight for water. If we  want jobs, let’s fight for jobs. If we  want schools, let’s fight for schools.
One of the reasons other regions are developed is they ask and fight for what they want.

By the time Telangana is given(if at all), the problems will become more worse. We have the vote power, to use.

What do want now? Don’t say I still want only Telangana!

3 thoughts on “We want Telangana!

  1. I thoroughly disagree with your view on this Karteek.

    Now in the fight for water 1000 more will die.

    in fight for jobs another thousand.

    so on and so forth.

    at the end of it, there will be no water, no land, no jobs.

    there will be fatigue, loss of self esteem by constant begging and definitely no concrete results.

    why should they be the givers (seldom) and we the takers.

    Going by your line of thought our freedom fighters should have fought for more jobs, employment, share in resources and other such material thing and should have let the governance to the able English. What say you?

    I bet you go and shout jai telangana at some busy junction in Hyderabad and you can be sure being arrested under god knows how many cases including conspiracy against the country, PD act, Nasa……I cant imagine what your take on telangana will be then???????????


  2. I can understand your anguish
    Why should they be givers and we the takers? That’s a good point.
    We are the ones who brought ourselves into that position. Am I right? We being suppressed by Nizams might be the initial reason. But what happened afterwards is an accumulation of neglect! Its even continuing even in the wake of this Jai Telangana movement.
    My whole point is during this 7-10 years of Telangana movement, nothing has improved, still the project are just started and never completed. It may take another 10 years for Telangana to come and till then nothing will be left here. Everything else would have gone!

    I want that to be safeguarded, that awareness to come in people,that Telangana is not the final solution for our problems. Parallel to fighting for Telangana, we should also fight for our basic rights.

    England has never given us chance to choose them. now we can choose our leaders. We are electing people who have not done anything for the public. We are not cornering them. Even this will continue after the formation of Telangana.

    We need not die for this cause. No one is shooting us. of course denying, jobs, livelihood is no less than shooting but I want our people to act smart and know our rights, in that case even the whole country


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